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What happened in the month of April?

The technology revolution is as fast paced as ever. The industrial revolution, which spanned for 70-80 years, shaped the world of work and innovations we know of today. With today’s technological advancements, we see this kind of revolution happening every 3 months. Technology is a weird & wonderful thing for me personally, I am plagued with curiosity but also haunted with fear of Sci-Fi’s Terminator becoming a reality.

So what happened in the world of telecoms & technology in April?


The biggest story without doubt was the ZTE ban in the U.S. Shanghai, China’s second-largest maker of telecommunications equipment will not be able to use components made in the U.S. for seven years apparently. This was due to the U.S. administration being unhappy with ZTE exporting to countries such as Iran and North Korea. This has had detrimental effects upon the company as they used various key components to assemble their products, such as Qualacomm’s microprocessors and glass made by Corning.

Huawei have also faced investigation on whether they broke sanctions on Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria. Huawei have been under investigation by the U.S for a while from for supposedly committing espionage for the Chinese government. The plot for a crime thriller perhaps?

As well as ZTE’s regulation abiding problems, they agreed to pay the $1.19 Billion in fines in a settlement that followed a multi-year investigation after suspicions arose around selling to Iran and North Korea. With the U.S. increasingly focused on barring China from accessing their technology, the strain on Telecoms has been felt globally.

While there is a lot of back and forth, I’m not sure what view to take. Like kids not sharing their toys, you have to expect this reality when it comes to Trump’s America. China has too much to offer the U.S., but would Trump get away with restrictions? Probably not.

Things will impact ZTE and ZTE’s employees dramatically; it could be game over unless the ban is lifted.


When it comes to innovative technology, what’s more cool than robotics? The ever-so-cool Boston Dynamic family of robots are something straight out of Sci fi movie. The undeniably creepy yet captivating robots have been showcased on CNET. (Watch it here )

Whether or not you’re a believer in a terminator-esque future, the technical mechanics of these robots are not to be missed.

Will robots become a part of society? I for one think that household butler robots need to hurry up and come to market. Washing, ironing and dishes would be the top of my list to remove from our day to day lives. If the robot could do that and make a nice cup of tea, we are on to a winner!

We do however have those robot vacuum cleaner let loose around our homes, so there is hope for robots yet!


What is 5G? When is it coming? Who is going to produce it?  These are the million dollar questions everyone is asking but nobody seems to be able to provide a concrete answer. April saw no different speculations going around and no concrete timelines either. Some of the stories on 5G included: Huawei leaking news on a 5G ready phone, the U.K.’s biggest mobile operators have smashed expectations by spending almost £1.4 billion into 5G and Qualacomm are supposedly ready to roll 5G out.

The main rumour is that the U.S. and China are leading the way with belief that they will be able to rollout 5G by 2019. But, like with every news story, you have to take it with a pinch of salt and wait for confirmation and evidence. The U.S. and China have made it pretty clear that they are ready with 5G, just not able to implement it as of yet…

Whenever 5G is released it will be a revolution of connectivity with all devices. I am keen to discover what it has to offer the wider world what it will bring to mine.