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Sab Dasilva

The European Data Centre Market

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The European Data Centre Market: A Hub of Activity and Recruitment OpportunitiesThe data cen...

By Sab Dasilva

Senior Account Manager

The European Data Centre Market: A Hub of Activity and Recruitment Opportunities

The data centre industry in Europe is undergoing significant transformation, driven by the relentless demand for data storage and processing capabilities. As the digital economy expands, so does the need for robust, efficient, and sustainable data centres. The European market, in particular, is witnessing remarkable growth and development, making it a hotbed of activity and recruitment opportunities.

Key Developments in the European Data Centre Market

Recent months have seen several major developments in the European data centre landscape. Notable among them is Blackstone's expansion into data centres through a new venture with Digital Realty Trust as reported by Data Center Knowledge. This collaboration aims to develop four data centre campuses in Frankfurt, Paris, and Virginia, with an estimated investment of around $7 billion. In addition to this, Google recently announced a $1bn investment in the United Kingdom to build its first Data Centre in the country.

As reported by Data Center Knowledge, within Norway, Green Mountain has completed the first of three new data centre buildings for TikTok, marking a significant step in meeting the growing data storage needs in Europe. This 30 MW data centre is part of TikTok’s ‘Project Clover’ initiative and is expected to become Europe’s largest data centre run on renewable energy.

Recruitment within Data Centres

The expansion of data centres across Europe is creating a surge in employment opportunities. Data centres require a wide range of skills, from IT and network specialists to engineers and facility managers. The rapid growth of the sector is leading to a high demand for skilled professionals who can manage the complex and evolving needs of these facilities.            

The Data Centre recruitment market is thriving due to the growing demand for skilled professionals in response to the ever-expanding Data Centre sector. The dynamic landscape, influenced by evolving architectures and technologies like cloud computing & AI, underscores the industry's commitment to innovation and resilience. 

The real question - is there enough talent globally to meet growth demands? Competition between Data Centre operators to source, onboard and retain good quality candidates is higher than ever.

Market Trends and Projections

According to a report by Savills, the revenue in the data centre market is projected to reach US$85.21 billion in 2024, with network infrastructure dominating the market at a projected volume of US$54.96 billion. The sector is expected to grow at an annual rate of 6.37%, reaching a market volume of US$109.10 billion by 2028. The United States leads in revenue generation, with a forecast of US$99.16 billion in 2024. These figures underscore the burgeoning nature of the data centre industry and its significance in the global digital economy.

The European data centre market is at a pivotal point, with substantial investments and developments reshaping the landscape. This growth is not only fuelling technological advancements but also creating a wealth of employment opportunities in 2024. The future for data centre recruitment looks very interesting, and those within the profession should look forward to the data centre job opportunities that are on the horizon.

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