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Scope Of Work (SOW)

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Scope of Work / Statement of Work (SOW)

We have been delivering Scope of work (SOW), also known as ‘Statement of work’, since our inception. Utilizing our vast network of skilled technical candidates we have delivered hundreds of service-based projects for our clients within the telecommunications and technology industries.

In our experience, utilizing SOW is of huge benefit to organisation that work on a project-basis. The overriding benefit is the flexibility to recruit contractors with particular skills, to deliver on specific project milestones for a defined duration. SOW has always been an attractive alternative to some traditional recruitment methods, and has been regularly in the telecoms, tech and IT industries for decades. 

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Key benefits of SOW

To understand the true value that SOW can deliver for your business, the requirements of the project need to be determined. We can help your organisation understand the level of work needed or if a performance-based SOW would be best suited. Contact us to find out more information on how First Point Group can help your organisation.

As an introduction, here are some of the key benefits of SOW to you as an employer.

Pricing for the scope of work agreed at the start enabling accurate budgeting, reducing the dreaded ‘over-spend’

Pre-defined activities and deliverables agreed at the start of the project.

Quality of service and project time frames agreed at the start of the project

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