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Permanent Recruitment Solutions

Are you in need of permanent recruitment solutions for your telecommunications or network technology company? Look no further. At First Point Group, we understand and share your passion for growth and innovation in these dynamic industries. Regardless of your company's size or stage in its life cycle, having the right permanent staff is crucial to setting visions, goals, and deploying strategies.

With two decades of experience, we have served as trusted recruitment partners to both multinational corporations and small disruptors, assisting them in finding the perfect permanent candidates who meet their unique business needs. Our global presence spans across 180 countries, with 11 offices strategically located worldwide. Moreover, our team is fluent in 20 languages, ensuring effective communication and understanding throughout the recruitment process.

As specialists in the telecommunications and network technology sectors, we take pride in our ability to set industry standards. Our extensive network and expertise in permanent and contract recruitment enable us to source visionary leaders and skilled professionals who can drive your company's success. Whether you require talent for executive positions or specialized roles, we have the resources and knowledge to find the perfect fit for your organization.

Don't settle for anything less than excellence in permanent recruitment. Contact First Point Group today and experience the benefits of partnering with a global agency that truly understands your industry. Let us help you build a strong and talented workforce that will shape the future of telecommunications and network technology.

First Point Group's Paris telecoms recruitment agency
Alistair Rynish and David Taylor

Case Study: Airtel

First Point Group has been working with Airtel Africa since October 2012, providing search and selection for permanent roles across all African countries where Airtel have a presence. We have successfully recruited into crucial jobs within Sales, Marketing, Finance and Technical disciplines at all levels.

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