Automation, AI & Big Data


Automation, AI & Big Data Recruitment

The increased data consumption in recent years, plus a move to more software defined networks, has meant vendors and carriers use automation at an ever increasing rate. Plus, AI is used to gain competitive advantages and streamline operations. Our recruitment experts work with our clients to meet their recruitment needs and ensure that they have access to the new technologies they require to stay ahead of the competition. Our clients get real value from us being a global and collaborative recruitment organisation. They value how we advise, our market knowledge, and insights. We ensure that they can grow with our engaged and innovative candidates.



Artificial Intelligence 

Data Analytics

Data Engineering

Machine Learning

Network Automation

Example jobs in Automation, AI & Big Data successfully filled:

  • Analytic BI Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Consultant
  • Automation Testing Engineer 
  • Data Integrity Analyst
  • Human / Machine Interface Expert
  • Machine Translation Consultant 
  • MBB Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Architect 
  • Senior Automation Framework Engineer 
  • Senior Data Scientist 
  • Senior Manager Data Architecture
  • Senior Quality Assurance Automation Engineer

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