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Data Center Recruitment Agency

Facilitating Data Center Builds


Facilitating Data Center Builds

In the last several years, the Data Center market has increased in size at an unprecedented rate, and this growth is expected to continue and reach $81.2bn by 2030. The digitisation of not just consumer products such as smart devices, smart clothing, but corporate operations is driving usage and thus increasing demand for data centers in the US, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and across the rest of the globe. This positive long-term growth led to the creation of ‘Hyperscalers’ – the large cloud services provides that can provide computing and storage on a vast scale. Of course not all organisations are, or require the services of, hyperscalers, and thus most small-medium sized enterprises will utilise the services of a co-location data center. 

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Enabling growth for Data Center Operators

Whether your organisation is hyperscaler or a co-location data center, through in-depth yet straight forward data center recruitment, we can help build a market-leading team in one location or across the globe.

Our experiences are truly diverse. From assisting Hyperscalers to recruit at the executive/c-suite level, to recruiting at all levels for co-location data centers. Essentially, our team can help  irrespective of what phase your data center project is. From Real Estate, Design & Build, Engineering, HSE, Procurement, through to Sales & Marketing and Security, we have experience across all levels, across the globe.

What makes us unique?

As expected from a data center recruitment agency, we have vast international network of professionals. However, what sets us apart is our close-knit relationship with our network. We keep in regular contact with out clients and candidates to understand that latest insights into this rapidly growing market. It’s because of this network that we have the experience in recruiting for  data center builds in America, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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