How to protect yourself from scammers/fraudsters in recruitment
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Identifying a recruitment scam

Be aware of recruitment scams. Identifying the red flags.

Across the recruitment industry there has been a rise in fraudsters/scammers impersonating employees of recruitment companies and sending communications via emails, text messages or other messaging platforms. These fake communications can sometimes appear to be legitimate. Whilst First Point Group has not been targeted, we wish to highlight several signs to look out for to determine whether a communication from First Point Group is legitimate or not.

It is important to understand how First Point Group would communicate with you, either as a client or a candidate, so that you have confidence knowing that you are communicating with a current employee of First Point Group.  


Things to look out for:

  • If you received communication purporting to be from First Point Group with content that seems unusual or unexpected, do not click on any links and do not forward the email. Instead, delete the email, notify your IT Team (as per your company’s IT policy) and call the relevant person at First Point Group clarifying whether they sent the a message received by you. They can always send it again if it is legitimate. 

  • As a client of First Point Group we will always communicate relevant business information with you to your business email address and/or business telephone number (unless instructed otherwise by you).  

  • If you receive communications asking you to make a payment or send information to a different bank account, email address or postal address that is different to what you currently have on file, please call your usual First Point Group contact and seek clarification. 

  • First Point Group employees email addresses will typically always take the form of first name initial followed by surname at e.g There are some exceptions to this such as having a full stop between the first initial and surname e.g However, if you are unsure, visit the ‘Meet The Team’ page on our website to clarify the email address or call the contact at First Point Group.

  • Look at the content of the email: 
    • Is the spelling and grammar poor or inaccurate? 
    • Does the contents make sense? 
    • What email address is it sent from?  
    • Is the email asking for non-business information? 

  • What we DO NOT do: 
    • Email or text you with a link asking for payment 
    • Send emails to your personal email with company information 
    • Email / text you with a link asking for sensitive information or having minimal clarity as to what to expect once you click the link. 



Things to look out for: 

  • Poor spelling and grammar 
  • Does the communications make sense? 
  • What email address has the email been sent from?  
  • Does the ‘offer’ in the email and/or text seem ‘too good to be true’?  


What we DO NOT do: 

  • Charge candidates a fee for our recruitment service. We will never ask a candidate for payment with regards to helping them find a job 
  • Ask for sensitive information not relevant for the job specifications you are applying for 


What do to If you think you have been sent a fake communication from First Point Group? 

  1. Take a screen shot / screen grab of the communications and email it to 
  2. If you have given any money then contact your bank to inform them
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