Cyber & Information Security


Cyber & Information Security Recruitment

The need for cyber and information security jobs grows year-on-year as more sophisticated attacks are carried out across the globe. The demand for recruiting cyber security jobs has never been greater. Helping organisations to meet these recruiting demands, we use our expert cyber & information security industry knowledge to evaluate the structure of their cyber teams and assist with recruiting into cyber security jobs. We recruit the best candidates for cyber & information security jobs by taking time to understand our clients’ requirements, motivations and drivers.



Cyber Security Operations

Data Privacy & Protection 

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Identity Access Management

Information Security 

Penetration Testing 

Security Architecture & Engineering

Security Sales

Example jobs in Cyber & Information Security successfully filled:

  • Information Security Manager
  • IT security Director
  • Security Architect
  • Security Operation Centre Analyst
  • Senior Penetration Tester
  • Senior Security Integration Engineer
  • Threat Intelligence Product Manager

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