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Successful Placements of the Month

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By David Taylor

Managing Director

September 2023


Ahmed Abouzaid recently placed a telecoms professional into a brand new client for First Point Group. This role would be pivotal for a new project for our client that demanded a profound understanding of technical intricacies.

Speed and quality of candidates was of the upmost importance in this placement as the client had been searching for the role themselves and two other recruitment agencies were involved. 

Determined to find the perfect candidates and knowing that this placement was time-sensitive, Ahmed dedicated two weeks to identify and qualify suitable candidates. Week one focused on creating a long list of candidates and presenting that to the client, followed by week two which focused on drilling down into each candidates skill sets and contacting them to understand their willingness to move jobs. This approach resulted in 2 shortlisted candidates alongside those presented by two other firms. The challenge was to ensure that the candidates skill was perfect and they would fit with the clients culture. Ahmed used our CRM system and his personal network of telecoms professionals, being a former telco engineer himself ensure he was contacting the correct people. The candidate selected for interview was one we presented, however, the challenge was that they were based in a different country to where the client was located.  Convincing a passive candidate from abroad to join a promising team required dedication, but after several successful interviews, the candidate’s genuine motivation was the challenging and promising opportunity presented by our client. They saw it as a chance to make a meaningful impact in a dynamic work environment.


“A challenging and incredibly rewarding placement, given the technical requirements of the position and the client's previous unsuccessful attempts to fill it.”



Katherine Zhu demonstrated that patience and perseverance can result in making a placement. Her client is a manufacture of submarine cables whose Hiring Manager is very well connected with candidates in that vertical. Having no luck in recruiting for a Business Development professional themselves, the client turned to First Point Group (Katherine has previously worked with this client). At the beginning of August Katherine was tasked by the client to find candidates for this role - a role that would help lead the charge to grow the business. The challenge Katherine found was that many of the candidates she initially spoke with had previously heard about the role via the client's Hiring Manager. Utilising both First Point Group's vast database of candidates and LinkedIn Recruiter, Katherine was able to filter through many candidates. After qualifying the candidates using the clients exhaustive list of requirements, Katherine shortlisted three candidates and sent them to the client. This process took almost a month. Much to the Hiring Manager's delight one of the three appeared (on paper) to be the exact candidate they were looking for. Katherine (eager for the candidate to impress the client) thoroughly prepared the candidate for the interview using First Point Group's interview tips. The client was extremely happy with the candidate and after one interview the candidate was offered. There were a few points of contention before the contract was signed which lasted a month. However, with perseverance and regular, clear communication Katherine was able to ensure that both the client and candidate were satisfied. 

August 2023


Gemma O'Flaherty based in our Dubai office made one of her candidates fulfil a career goal by placing them into a social media company as a Client Solutions Manager.  After initially not sourcing candidates in city the role was based in, Gemma looked further afield and sourced a new candidate who was willing to relocate. With a family reliant on them and a wedding coming up,  there was an added personal pressure for the candidate to secure this role.  Gemma knew that with this candidates cheerful, positive personality, and experience, they would be perfect for the job. Gemma's role was to guide the candidate through the seven rounds of interviews by preparing them at each stage. "It can be a lengthy process, with anything up to seven rounds of interviews, but as long as you’re confident in your candidate, prepare them well, and create a strong and transparent relationship with them, then you have the key ingredients to a successful placement! " said Gemma. From start to finish the whole process took two months which was longer than usual. However, the dedication on both sides paid off as the candidate is having instant success in helping clients grow post-sales relationships  with advertisers.


Pendy Hou, from our London office demonstrated that with patience and regular communication with a client the right candidate will eventually come along despite challenges. This placement was the second Pendy placed with his client, a global telecommunications company.  It began in March 2023 (five months ago) when Pendy's client instructed him to recruit a Business Development Manager whose goal was to generate new business within their consumer electronics division. After taking a detailed brief from the client, Pendy was able to drill down into the requirements and identified (through various channels) several very good candidates that he shortlisted. However, this took several weeks as Pendy wanted to ensure he was presenting candidates to his clients that had the experience and capabilities to fulfil their goal of driving business. There was one standout candidate who interviewing was offered by the client.  Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances the candidate couldn't accept. This was frustrating to both Pendy and the client, however, Pendy reassured them that he had shortlisted several candidates who he felt would be just as good. Having made contact with one of the new candidates (the following day after the rejected offer) this individual was submitted to the client who, after interviewing, offered in a very short space of time. The new candidate was found in June and placed at the start of August. Overall, a long and frustrating process with bumps along the way. Pendy's determination to deliver for his client was what made this placement happen.

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Laura Martinez from our Mexico City office placed a Technical Project Manager with a leading software provider to lead a brand new project. The key to this successful placement focused on two elements: understanding the clients requirement fully; and finding a candidate who could start asap! Laura previously recruited for this clients and as such she knew that taking a detailed brief (scope of the role, budgeted salary etc) would be vital in helping to pinpoint the right candidate. Equipped with the relevant information, it was down to Laura to utilize her recruitment experience and source candidates. Using the vast array of filters within LinkedIn Recruiter, Laura knew what skills and experience to look at. After identifying five candidates within a week, Laura spoke with each candidate over the phone to understand their openness to move, motivations for moving and also it gather whether the candidates could lead a project. Of the five shortlisted, four were interviewed but there was one standout candidate that the client loved! From sourcing the candidate to interview to starting the role was five weeks! A very fast process resulting in a very happy client.


Pendy Hou and Rodi Taze from our London office, (with the assistance of their colleagues) proved that clear communication and collaboration are the key ingredients to a quick recruitment process and ultimately a happy client. Our client, a leading broadcasting services company, needed to recruit a Production Engineer which is a key role to predominately assist with its first line support calls. This role was needed in a timely fashion and required a candidates who could learn quickly, was enthusiastic and could leverage digital tools

The client’s main challenge was to fine someone in as a quick a time as possible. In order to find the right candidate, Pendy and Rodi decided that a candidate referral would be their predominate candidate sourcing method – a personal referral via our candidates / colleagues would qualify candidates to a degree. After speaking with the London team, several candidates had been referred from existing candidates, however it was a candidate referred from Rodi’s colleague who caught his attention – their technical capability was ideal. After an initial call, it was obvious the candidates enthusiasm for the company and the role would put them in good stead.  

In our favour was the hiring manager was placed First Point Group several years ago, so they knew us personally and our ability to deliver high-quality candidate. After one interview, it was very clear that the candidate had the perfect blend of technical ability, the right attitude, with desired communications skills…as well as bucket loads of enthusiasm. Whilst other candidates were interviewed, ultimately it was our candidates personality traits that made our client select him.

From being shortlisted to an offer being sent out took 14 days! A remarkable turnaround and proved that collaboration with colleague and clear communication with the client and candidate, will result in speedy recruitment process.

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Sophie Zhang, based in First Point Group's Shenzhen office, achieved a successful placement of a Software Development Engineer for a Telecommunications Corporation. With an established relationship from previous collaborations, our connection with the client had grown stronger. During discussions about their ideal candidate and the role's objectives, the client emphasized the importance of RF Software Development expertise in streamlining advanced automations for improved business efficiency. Notably, the client mentioned that another agency was also recruiting for the position, adding pressure to deliver exceptional service.

Following the initial call, Sophie developed a comprehensive plan that utilized various platforms to conduct her search, including LinkedIn Recruiter, previous candidate referrals, and the extensive First Point Group database. After three weeks of diligent effort, Sophie presented the client with three exceptional candidates, each possessing high-quality skills and experience. After conducting interviews with all three candidates, the client ultimately chose the candidate with the strongest software development background, promptly extending an offer the following week.

Sophie reflected on the successful placement, emphasizing the client's satisfaction with the swift turnaround. As experts in the telecoms industry, our track record and expertise reassured the client of our ability to identify the perfect candidate for their needs.


Laura Jones, based in First Point Group's Dallas office, provided valuable assistance to a Telecommunications service provider as they sought a Director of Product Management. This leadership position was crucial for shaping the product roadmap, expanding the product team, and contributing to pre-sales activities. The client was referred to Laura by a trusted colleague, prompting a discovery call where Laura meticulously devised a tailored plan that aligned with the client's business objectives and candidate requirements.

One notable challenge outlined in Laura's plan was the discrepancy between the client's offer and prevailing market standards. Undeterred by this hurdle, Laura embarked on her search, leveraging the combined power of LinkedIn recruiter and the extensive First Point Group database. In just a matter of weeks, she identified and submitted five highly qualified candidates for consideration. Following comprehensive interviews, the client narrowed down the selection to two candidates, ultimately choosing the most experienced individual. This candidate possessed a diverse background in telecommunications, robotics, and smart technologies, making them stand out due to their unique blend of expertise and creativity.

As the offer stage approached, Laura encountered an additional challenge concerning contractual matters and the involvement of the client's legal team. Over the course of a few weeks, she diligently maintained the candidate's engagement, ensuring transparency regarding the next steps. After overcoming these obstacles, the client extended an offer to the candidate, who promptly accepted.

Reflecting on her experience with the client, Laura expressed satisfaction despite the challenges faced along the way. The role proved immensely fulfilling, thanks to the unwavering commitment and engagement displayed by both the client and candidate. Laura eagerly anticipates the future opportunities that will arise from the success of this placement, eager to see what new doors will open for her and her team.

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Rachel Mou and Katherine Zhu, from First Point Group’s Shenzhen office, have placed a Senior 5G Integration Engineer for an industry leader in the provision of digital solutions. Rachel and Katherine made the initial introduction to the client using our touchpoint strategy, which led to the hiring manager contacting us directly about this role. The global reach of First Point Group and our industry expertise were the main reasons for the client coming to us directly. The client sought out a successful candidate whose primary focus would be helping the company gain more market share in their target sectors. When discussing the requirements for the role and ideal candidate profile, Rachel and Katherine created a process specific to match the needs of the client, such as outlining the platforms they would use and how to keep candidates engaged, which would later prove to be the biggest challenge. After the team conducted their candidate search, they were able to shortlist two candidates that met the specific criteria. The chosen candidate was selected based on their experience in the tech industry and impressive sales figures. Rachel commented on the success and challenge of this placement: “It was great to have been chosen to help the client with this important role, however, the process took longer than anticipated which meant Katherine and I had to keep the candidate fully engaged for a few months whilst the client got everything prepared.” The successful placement has led to further roles for the Shenzhen team globally and will soon showcase First Point Group as the client’s go-to agency. The hiring manager commented: “First Point Group is the expert of the ICT industry and provided high quality candidates to fill the role, in what we saw as a quick timeframe.


Bassan Karame and Edgar Guzman, from First Point Group’s Dallas office, have assisted a multinational networking and telecommunications company in finding a Systems Engineer that can help support the client’s North American computing and engineering operations. First Point Group have already successfully worked with the client’s US branch on 14 other roles prior to this, which meant the team had already an established reputation with the company. When the client discussed the requirements for the role, Bassan and Edgar created a detailed process tailored to the needs of the role. Bassan and Edgar used a variety of platforms to help them in their search, these ranged from the First Point Group database to LinkedIn Recruiter. This resulted in them submitting three candidates, two weeks after the discovery call, who were then interviewed, and the final candidate was sent an offer the week after. The candidate was selected because of their advanced technical background alongside their seniority in projects, very similar to the one the client was launching. We asked Bassan what the biggest challenge and success was throughout the process: “Our biggest challenge was the setup of the role, the client had to ensure all support functions were set up, as well as any equipment needed to be sent to the location, ready for the candidate on their first day. Despite this slowing the process down by a few days, the role was filled within four weeks which the client was extremely impressed with, alongside the quality of candidates we submitted also being a highlight to the client. We look forward to working with them on more roles in the future.” 


Satoshi Tanaka, from First Point Group’s Hong Kong office, helped a multinational satellite services provider in finding a Senior Sales Director. The role needed a candidate with experience selling satellite and telecoms solutions. Satoshi had come across the role through an advertisement from the client and reached out directly to HR offering his services for the role, which led to a discovery call discussing the role and what they needed from a candidate. With Satoshi’s process set in place with the requirements in hand, he started his search using the First Point Group database and LinkedIn Recruiter. During the process, one challenge Satoshi identified, was being able to find a candidate with the right experience in the satellite and telecoms industry in a very niche Japanese market. During his search, Satoshi had come across a candidate who held the right skillset and was in the right location. This was the only candidate Satoshi had submitted since he was confident on the candidate’s capabilities and experience. After interviewing the candidate, the client was pleased to send an offer, and provide feedback to Satoshi on why the candidate was successful: “Amongst having the technical skills required for this role, the candidate also expressed a growth mindset, which we appreciated, as well as creating a great relationship with the hiring manager.” Whilst the process was a bit longer than anticipated, the client was beyond happy with Satoshi’s dedication to the role by commenting: “First Point Group helped us immensely with this role. Satoshi took the time to analyse our market and selling points, which made it a crucial part in understanding the benefit of the candidate and the role they would be playing in the business.


Laura Jones, from First Point Group’s Dallas office, helped a telecommunications service provider to recruit a Director of Product Management. The ideal candidate will help to lead the product roadmap for customers, growing the team and participating in pre-sales activities. Laura received the role from another member of the Dallas team, who was aware of Laura’s experience and successes with senior roles. Laura reached out to the client with a touchpoint strategy directly leading to a discovery call. During the call, the client went through their business needs and goals in detail with Laura, in order for her to understand the importance of the role within the business plan. Laura started her search using LinkedIn Recruiter and the First Point Group database where she found five good candidates. After the interviews, the client shortlisted two candidates from which they picked the strongest one. Whilst the process was only seven weeks from the initial touchpoint to the offer stage, Laura did encounter a challenge with the legal team regarding the candidate’s contract, which meant Laura had to keep the candidate engaged for a few weeks. Laura commented on the success of the role by saying: “This was a really rewarding role to work on, because not only is the client a small start-up in the US, but also because we were able to properly identify their business needs and sell the opportunity to candidates. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

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Miranda Choeng from First Point Group’s Hong Kong office successfully placed a Technical Support Engineer for a global software company that would work on a brand-new software project soon to be released. The client reached out to Miranda having previously worked with her on other roles last year and being impressed with her professional service and candidate network. When understanding the requirements, it was clear that there would be four specific challenges. Firstly, the candidate had to be bilingual. Second, was the time-sensitive deadline. Third, the candidate had to have specific technical knowledge. Finally, finding the ideal candidate in Japan would be a challenge. However, after negotiating Miranda was able to encourage her client to consider candidates outside of Japan who were not native Japanese speakers. With all the requirements outlined, Miranda began her search using a variety of platforms such as LinkedIn Recruiter, First Point Group’s candidate network and Bizreach. From her extremely thorough search (which took a week) she was able to identify five high-quality candidates that were submitted to the client. As speed was of the essence, the client interviewed that week and offered a candidate who met their criteria the following week! “This placement had a very quick turnaround due to the importance of the project that they needed the candidate for. The process from start to finish was two months, which proved to the client even more that despite the tight deadlines, we still deliver what they need,” said Miranda. Describing their experience of working with Miranda, the Hiring Manager commented: “Miranda always puts herself in the position of the Hiring Manager, which is helpful in influencing the process she takes. Each time we have worked with her she has been nothing but professional and patient, which makes working with her enjoyable.


Laura Martinez from First Point Group’s Mexico City office helped a software development company to recruit a Manager/Scrum Master to be the lead of a project based in Canada that could open up more opportunities to grow the business further in North America. The client had already worked with First Point Group’s US and Mexico teams for roles in their respective regions, however, this would be the first for their Canada office. Based on the previous successes, the client knew of the quick and professional service First Point Group provides, so they knew they made the right decision in picking Laura to help them recruit for this role. When discussing the requirements to create a plan of action specific to the client, it was apparent that Laura’s challenge would be ensuring any candidates she found needed to have experience within telecom projects and a certified Scrum Master. With this in mind, she built her candidate search process based on the client’s criteria and began her search. Using a collection of platforms like LinkedIn and First Point Group’s network, Laura was able to shortlist four candidates. After reviewing the candidate’s CVs, the client selected two candidates to interview. A week after the interviews the client offered the candidate that had the most relevant experience and required certifications. Laura commented on the first placement in Canada: “The moment we reviewed their requirement, I knew this was going to be a success. The company want to grow, so we knew this would open up more opportunities for us.” The client was extremely impressed by the quick turnaround for the role as well as Laura’s strategy in finding a candidate that fit their requirements. The Hiring Manager commented on what it was like working with Laura for this first deal: “It was a delight working with Laura. She was very professional in her process and her guidance was key in making this deal a success.


Ahmed Jamal Khan and Nicole Govender from First Point Group’s Dubai and Johannesburg offices respectively, successfully placed a QA Engineer for an international brokerage firm that needed a candidate to join and manage their internal software and the costs of their e-commerce products. As this is the fifth role that First Point Group has helped them within the last five months, the client is familiar with the consultants, their search process and they wanted Ahmed and Nicole’s help in rebuilding their IT team. Ahmed and Nicole’s challenge was finding the right fit within a broad pool of candidates. After two weeks of searching for candidates that met the client’s strict requirements, they shortlisted four good quality candidates from which the client selected two for interviews. A week after the interviews the client offered the candidate they felt had the perfect mix of technical knowledge and company culture. Nicole commented: “We made sure to maintain constant communication with the client, which helped us narrow down the candidates they had.” The client was thrilled with the result with the Hiring Manager saying, “We work with First Point Group only when it comes to these exclusive technical roles. We don’t feel the need to rely on other agencies as the quality is always high.


Hassan Khan and Pendy Hou from First Point Group’s London office worked with an IT service and consulting company to recruit a Senior 5G Integration Engineer that would work on a state-of-the-art R&D project and lead multi-vendor Open RAN system integrations. The client was referred to First Point Group through a previous employee of ours. When discussing the requirements, the client emphasised three specific needs: the candidate needed to start within four weeks, be onsite for two to three days a week, and have Open RAN virtualisation experience. With a clear understanding of what the client needed, Hassan and Pendy worked on finding the ideal candidate. After a week of searching, Hassan and Pendy shortlisted three candidates to the client, and a week after interviews an offer was sent to the candidate with the most relevant technical experience. The client was extremely satisfied with the candidate and how professional Hassan and Pendy were when understanding their business needs and forming a strategy that benefited them. Hassan commented on the success of the placement by saying: “This was our first deal with the client, so it meant a lot that it worked out perfectly. We made sure that the process was clear, and we communicated with the client through every detail. It was a very quick turnaround and I’m excited to see the other roles we help them to recruit for.

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Pendy Hou from First Point Group’s London office successfully placed a Head of Strategic Alliances & Digital Consumer Partnerships at an IT Services and IT Consulting company. Reaching out to Pendy through the First Point Group website, the client explained they were looking for a candidate that could develop new partnerships and strategic alliances with leading companies in the tech industry. Why did the client contact First Point Group? Pendy explains: “The client reached out to us as they reviewed the specialist areas we work within on our website and knew we would be the right people to help them find a candidate with a telco background.” When speaking with the client to understand what requirements they needed, it was apparent that finding a candidate with partnership experience and a pre-existing telecoms background would be a challenge as it was their main difficulty when trying to recruit internally. When searching for the ideal candidate, Pendy used a variety of platforms, such as his connections, LinkedIn Recruiter and the First Point Group database. A week after the discovery call with the client, Pendy submitted five candidate CVs. After carefully reviewing all CV’s, the client identified a candidate that had exactly what they desired to execute the role. Pendy commented on the results of this placement: “We have now been able to leverage this success to pull another role which we now have two interviews for. Thanks to the marketing team for producing a website that outlines in detail our areas of success which led to the client to reach out to us.


Kevin Rafferty from First Point Group’s Dallas office partnered with a leading mobile operator to recruit a Senior Vice President of Network Operations to lead the Network Operations team in a country First Point Group has never recruited into before - Guam. This company was was referred to First Point Group from an existing client, who knew of our experience in placing candidates in the more remote areas of the world. When having the discovery call, the client expressed their challenges as it was a new endeavour for them, along with the 15-hour time zone difference. Kevin commented: “The client had never used an agency before and were also apprehensive about hiring from mainland USA.” With this in mind, Kevin made sure to maintain constant communication with the client and support them in any feedback they had. As the role was based in Guam, Kevin knew that finding someone who was able and willing to relocate would be his biggest challenge, and therefore used his personal network, referrals, and LinkedIn Recruiter to help him identify the right candidate – this was really a case of advertise far and wide. Kevin was able to submit two candidates for the role. After the interview process the client sent an offer to one of the candidates, as not only was the candidate willing to relocate, but had the experience and knowledge of Fixed Networks, which was an important requirement for the job. After four months from the initial discovery call, the candidate relocated and started the new role in Guam. Kevin commented: “This was a very rewarding placement as I was able to work with the client, find what they needed and bring it to them. I was able to deliver on what was promised and helped guide them through the process as we were the first agency they ever worked with.


Ted Ko and Claye Moore from First Point Group’s Dallas office successfully placed multiple Senior Designers II and S3D Designers at an engineering, procurement, construction, and project management company. The client needed candidates with design experience to join them and help build a SmartPlant 3D Piping Design. The client reached out to Ted and Claye as other consultants in the Dallas team had already recruited for them. Upon Ted and Claye’s review of the requirements and understanding the client’s business needs, they knew that using a range of hiring techniques and platforms was required to build a strong candidate pool for the multiple roles. This led them to use Monster, a jobs board we don’t typically use amongst other platforms utilised. After using a combination of platforms to help them qualify candidates, Ted and Claye were able to shortlist 20 candidates and send their CVs to the client. After the interview process, the client selected 12 candidates that had experience in 3D design and managing projects and sent an offer to all of them shortly after. Each candidate accepted and all started in their roles in the commencing weeks. Ted Ko commented: “We are growing our relationship with the client and feel honoured to be their choice when hiring for the multiple design roles. We were able to work closely with the hiring team to understand the goals of the business, which helped us understand what they needed from candidates and the benefit they would be bringing to the projects they would be working on.” 


Philip Jones and Hassan Khan from First Point Group’s London office successfully placed a RAN Test Engineer with a software solutions company who, after always recruiting internally, decided they needed help from a telecoms recruitment agency. Philip had been in touch with the Delivery Manager since 2021, and kept in regular contact with them ever since, building a good relationship with the Talent Acquisition Manager. The client had been struggling to identify suitable candidates for a RAN Test Engineer role and decided to contact Philip who was able to outline how First Point Group could help them fill this role and many others. After having a call to discuss what they needed from the ideal candidate, Philip spoke to the rest of the UK team to understand if any candidate came to mind and would be an ideal fit. From this, Hassan reviewed the specifications outlined by Phil and forwarded across a candidate that he was in conversation with about another role. The candidate had experience in similar roles and had a strong skillset, which set him apart from other candidates. Hassan commented: “Two hours after Philip released the new role, I knew the candidate I had been speaking to was perfect. I sent his CV across to the client who had shown an interest in setting up an interview, which was booked in the week after.” After the client met the candidate, they expressed their interest in wanted to offer, however, there was a short negotiation period in regard to the salary. After negotiating with the client and showcasing the benefit of this particular candidate joining, the offer was sent shortly after. Philip commented on the success of the placement: “It was great to see that the conversations and touchpoints paid off. The client were thrilled that we were able to deliver them a candidate so quickly. I look forward to working on more roles with them in the future.

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