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Successful Placements of the Month

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In this month’s ‘Successful Placements’, we showcase how our consultants have partnered with...

By David Taylor

Managing Director

In this month’s ‘Successful Placements’, we showcase how our consultants have partnered with the world’s leading telecoms and network communication companies to build teams, grow business and as you’ll see we can even help to implement changes to their hiring processes and procedures., making us a preferred recruitment agency for our clients. 


Mughees Ahmed from First Point Group’s Dubai office helped his client, a telecommunications service provider, recruit for an Associate Director position who had extensive experience in leading teams and managing technical projects in the Middle East. With his deep understanding of the business’s needs, Mughees was able to clearly communicate the need for this role and potential career development it could bring to all candidates he spoke with. Mughees assisted the client in refining their recruitment process and gave them advice on the best questions to ask which will then outline the candidate that has the right requirements which helped the client massively during the interview stage. Along with recruiting candidates, Mughees helped the sales team build their recruiting process from scratch. With Mughees’ expertise in the field, he was able to give advice to the hiring manager as there are many global players within the region. So, understanding the requirements and having transparent communication with candidates was important. Mughees was able to submit two candidates within two weeks of having the role. The Hiring Manager commented: “Mughees is a thorough and proactive recruiter. He understands the business inside out and his placements have influenced immense change on our sales floor.” Mughees has become the preferred recruitment consultant for the client when filling their high-level job positions. 


Ted Ko and Claye Moore from First Point Group’s Dallas office, worked with a multinational telecommunication, information technology, and consumer electronics business, assisting them to recruit a Senior 5G RF Optimization Engineer. A challenge when sourcing for this role was that the client needed someone who had very extensive technical experience, it was like finding a needle in a haystack. During their search Ted and Claye found a candidate that fit the unique skills outlined by the client. However, the candidate being based in Australia proved to be the main challenge as it meant that they would need an approved E-Visa. After discussing with the client, the prospect of interviewing this candidate on the other side of the world, they agreed to interview and felt this candidate was perfect for the role. After going through the process of authorising the candidate to work in the US, the client sent an offer to the candidate, which they gladly accepted. Claye Moore commented “This was a major RF placement for Ted and I as this was our second RF placement with the client.” This placement has now opened up several other roles which Ted and Claye hope to work on with the client.


Satoshi Tanaka from First Point Group’s Hong Kong office, displayed how perseverance and a good service is absolutely critical when building relationships with a new client. Satoshi assisted a start-up software company in Japan to help find them a Sales Director who had the ability to create plans to maintain new and existing customer relationships and service. As the client was still new to their market, certain aspects of their hiring process needed developing and streamlining.  Alongside using various recruiter platforms for his search, Satoshi worked with the hiring manager to create an efficient hiring process and plan as their current process included nine rounds of interviews which was a cause of concern for candidates and could potentially result in drop offs. Satoshi was able to submit 10 candidates to the client along with sharing his best practices when hiring the best talent to help the client with future recruitment. This enabled them to make an effective decision when offering the job to the preferred candidate. The hiring manager commented: “We always appreciate Satoshi’s contribution, values and dedicated service.” Satoshi used his skills and experience in the field to help them fill this position and gave the client a new and effective hiring process for future roles.


Ahmed Jamal Khan and Gemma O’Flaherty from First Point Group’s Dubai office successfully placed an SDK Technical Engineer for a renowned video hosting service based in the UK. This particular placement was important as it was the first one Ahmed and Gemma worked on that required someone based in the UK. This placement subsequently opened several more opportunities with the client. The client reached out to Ahmed and Gemma after multiple internal and external recruiters were unsuccessful when filling the position. It became apparent that the biggest challenge for this role was finding a candidate that could work in the UK for the first six months and then relocate to Dubai. While using their database, they came across a candidate who fit the role perfectly. Within six weeks of having the role, Ahmed and Gemma submitted multiple candidates who were, interviewed and the final candidate was offered the role very quickly. The client was impressed with the dedication, efficiency and timescale that the candidate was found in. The hiring manager commented: “Our relationship with First Point Group is stronger. I don’t work with other agencies anymore for these particular roles.”

First Point Group is a global specialist telecoms recruitment agency with offices in Dallas, Dubai, Toronto, Mexico City, London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Shenzhen, Johannesburg, and Hong Kong. We partner with many of the world’s largest telecommunications organisations helping them to recruit for the most sought-after jobs in telecoms. For more information, contact a member of the First Point Group team in your local region.

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