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February 2023: In this month’s ‘Successful Placements’, we showcase how our consultants work...

By David Taylor

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February 2023: In this month’s ‘Successful Placements’, we showcase how our consultants worked with new clients to recruit for-to-why strong candidate networks are beneficial and why building long-term relationships with a client is important for successful recruitment.


Ahmed Abouzaid and Richard Ogunwumiju from First Point Group’s Dubai and London offices respectively, placed a Support Engineer for a multinational networking and telecommunications company in Sudan. The client needed a candidate that had the technical expertise and could train local consultants during a specific project they were working on to help with business growth. The client contacted First Point Group as we had worked with them prior but in other regions. They were aware of the extensive candidate network both consultants had. When speaking to the client and reviewing the job requirement, Ahmed and Richard realised that their challenge would be finding the right candidate within a niche talent pool and generating interest in the role. There was a long negotiation period as the client was still confirming the requirements, they needed in order for a candidate to be successful. So, Ahmed and Richard worked with them during that time to outline the right candidate to ensure that they could identify a candidate that would work. When that was finalised, Richard knew of a candidate from his network that he has a great relationship with and that had the right experience and attitude for the role.  Richard commented: “As the candidate came from my network on LinkedIn it showed the client all the more of our vast connections with high quality candidates.” After interviewing, the client offered the candidate who then started the role not long after. The process took two months and showcased the consultant’s ability to find new talent in a short time utilising their network. Ahmed commented on the process by saying: “Despite the challenge of a small talent pool, we were able to pull through a high-quality candidate for the client. Alongside finding someone to help lead their team, we also assisted the client with getting the candidate a Visa, work permit and flights.” The Hiring Manager commented: “We were impressed with the results and quality of the candidates submitted to us. We have a strong relationship with First Point Group and always reach out to them to take the lead in filling advanced roles.


Mughees Ahmed from First Point Group’s Dubai office successfully placed a Chief Financial Officer into one of the fastest growing mobile operators globally. The client tried to recruit for this role internally but had no success. After meeting with the client and understanding their requirements, Mughees knew that finding a candidate with the desired technical skills and qualifications would be his biggest challenge. To find candidates with the best skill sets required a global search and so candidates from countries across Europe, Africa and Asia were researched using LinkedIn Recruiter and First Point Group’s database. From this, Mughees was able to longlist 24 candidates, present two to the client and shortlist one, who was offered after the interview process. Despite there being a six-week negotiation period about the salary – which was then changed to Mughees’ suggestion, the process was swift with the candidate starting three months after the initial conversation. Mughees commented: “It was great to work with the client. After understanding their business needs and maintaining direct relationships with the CEO and Shareholder representatives, I have positioned myself to be an exclusive recruiter across their crucial roles. I see a long-term partnership with them.” This deal has allowed Mughees to showcase the abilities of the consultants at First Point Group and the different areas each consultant specialises in. The Hiring Manager commented: “A big thank you to Mughees for his dedication and professionalism on this role. We know it was a tough one to fill and the exceptional efforts he went to bringing us candidates.


Miranda Choeng from First Point Group’s Hong Kong office successfully placed a Quality Assurance Analyst with a Software Company in Japan. They needed a candidate that could join quickly and work on a recently developed project for a client of theirs. When outlining what they were looking for in a candidate, being bilingual was a priority. It was clear that this would be the challenge Miranda would experience during her search as that requirement combined with the role’s technical experience, gave a very small talent pool to work with. Miranda commented: “The client came to us as they needed a recruitment agency that would be a bridge between international companies and the Japan market as they wanted to attract more local and international candidates.” Miranda used various platforms from LinkedIn Recruiter, First Point Group’s CRM and referrals from her personal network. However, it was clear that finding a local candidate was more difficult than expected, so she negotiated with the client the prospects of having a candidate that didn’t have Japanese as their native language and was an international candidate. With the client agreeing with the new terms, Miranda was successfully able to submit five candidates to the client for review and then interviews. After interviewing all candidates, the client selected their preferred one and sent an offer shortly after the interview. Despite the challenges and negotiations with the client, Miranda was able to recruit the candidate within two months. The Hiring Manager commented on working with Miranda: “Miranda is a recruiter who can think from the perspective of a Hiring Manager, which we know helped make her decision about hiring a non-Japanese speaker. She is very accurate with her decisions as well as a kind and patient professional.


Matt Dawson and Laura Martinez from First Point Group’s Toronto and Mexico City offices respectively, worked with a global leader in Engineering and R&D (ER&D) services in Canada to recruit a Senior FPGA Engineer to lead new projects and manage junior staff. The client had tried to look for the right candidate before reaching out to First Point Group, but was not successful so, they reached out to Matt and Laura and made sure to thoroughly explain the candidate requirements. When the Hiring Manager explained what they wanted from a candidate, including a mix of technical skills, it was apparent that finding a candidate within the Canadian market that obtained all of the skills needed, would be the biggest challenge. When executing their search, Matt and Laura used a combination of LinkedIn Recruiter and the First Point Group database to help them. They found three suitable candidates but knew that one, in particular, had the mix of technical skills that the client desired. When submitting the three candidates, the client interviewed and sent an offer to the candidate that Matt and Laura initially highlighted as being the best fit. Matt commented: “The client was thrilled that we were able to tap into the Canadian market and to help source a candidate for their hard-to-fill role.” The client was impressed with the dedication and quick turnaround with this role, they had been searching for a while prior to reaching out and Matt and Laura. The Hiring Manager commented: “We are grateful for the hard work put in by Matt and Laura with this role, and we hope to work with them again on any new roles.

January 2023: In this month’s ‘Successful Placements’, we showcase how our consultants have partnered with the world’s leading telecoms and network communication companies to help recruit in tough markets, grow their businesses and work with each other overseas to build teams.


Satoshi Tanaka from First Point Group’s Hong Kong office successfully placed a Project Manager in a software company. The client needed a candidate that could lead a cloud implementation project for one of the most renowned telecom operators. The client reached out to Satoshi as they were aware of his reputation – namely his determination and his effective communication with both client and candidates throughout the recruitment process. Before starting his search, Satoshi knew that due to the competitive candidate market, finding candidates for the client’s specifications and salary would not leave him with a large talent pool. Therefore, he used numerous recruitment platforms for the search. Satoshi quickly realised the client requirements were not attracting the calibre of telecoms professions desired, so he spoke with the Hiring Manager about increasing the remuneration package. Satoshi commented: “After giving the client my advice on increasing the offer and streamlining the interview process, they were able to make the changes which would help me to deliver the exact candidates they needed.” After two months of searching and re-negotiating with the client, Satoshi was able to submit two candidates to the client that fit their requirements. The Hiring Manager commented: “We are so glad to work with FPG. They are professional and are known as specialist recruiters in the IT & Telecom industry.


Giulia Arca from First Point Group’s Paris office successfully placed a Cloud Solution Architect for a networking hardware company to help them with the process of virtualization and transformation of their products from hardware to software. When speaking to the client to understand their candidate requirements, it was clear that Giulia was going to face the challenge of finding a profile of someone that had extensive experience in cloud environments and working with vendors. When starting her search, Giulia’s wide candidate network meant she was able to reduce the number of platforms to assist her and within two weeks, she was able to successfully submit three candidates with an offer sent to the chosen candidate the following week. Giulia Arca commented: “The client came to us as we have proven that we are experts within the field and we always deliver quality candidates.” A month after the interviews, the client sent the candidate an offer letter, to which was accepted, and the candidate started their new role the week after. Giulia commented on what the process was like: “The process was quite fast, despite the highlighted struggle for finding candidates with experience in cloud environments, I was able to deliver three candidates, all being strong in their profiles and one being offered.” The client were extremely impressed with the quality of the candidates submitted by Giulia and how concise she was during her search. The Hiring Manager commented: “Thank you to First Point Group for helping us. Special thanks to Giulia, who was not only dedicated to helping us find someone but understood fully what we needed and sent quality candidates to us. We were struggling to fill this role ourselves, so we are glad that Giulia was able to help!


Satoshi Tanaka from First Point Group’s Hong Kong office assisted a global leader of digital solutions in finding a Channel Sales Manager with experience selling to local governments. The client contacted Satoshi as they were struggling to find a candidate themselves who had relevant sales experience and understood their technologies and business goals. Satoshi understood that he may have similar issues finding candidates of that calibre using the typical recruitment tools i.e. LinkedIn, so during the recruitment process Satoshi used Bizreach, a platform he had never used before. When speaking with candidates, he was transparent about the client’s needs and what made them become a global leader of digital solutions. Satoshi was able to shortlist five candidates – all from Bizreach – and sent to the client, which they subsequently interviewed and selected their preferred choice. Regarding the method he used which led him to the success of finding the perfect candidate, Satoshi said “I think being customer-orientated helped me a lot. I was transparent about any updates and requirements, specifically any new information from the client about the role. I felt this helped eliminate any confusion during the process.” Despite the niche talent pool making this an eight-month long process, Satoshi successfully highlighted the opportunities this role can bring and the client USP. The Hiring Manager commented: “It was great to work with Satoshi and First Point Group. We received a great amount of support throughout the process and Satoshi was very proactive within his search. They are becoming known more and more as a specialist recruitment agency in Japan’s market.


Kevin Rafferty from First Point Group’s Dallas office assisted a communications company that builds broadband satellite Internet services to recruit for a Field Service Engineer. He was forwarded the client's details by Philip Jones from First Point Group’s London office. Philip and the rest of the London team recruited telecoms jobs for the client’s UK branch and were made aware of the client’s growth plans for the USA. The client was struggling to find candidates for the Field Service Engineer role and after being notified about Kevin’s skillset (a former telecoms engineer himself), they reached out to him. The main challenge that surfaced was the location of the role. They were looking to hire someone based in or close to Alaska, and because of the remoteness, this meant that the candidate pool would be small. With the combination of First Point Group’s database and LinkedIn Recruiter, Kevin was able to submit two skilled and qualified candidates within five weeks, which impressed the client, “It was amazing to see how quickly Kevin was able to bring candidates to the table. This will definitely be the start of a great partnership with the Dallas team.” After the one candidate that was based in Alaska accepted, he started the role soon after. Kevin was able to deliver exactly what the client wanted and gave them someone who was able to fit quickly into the position of the previous employee, who left weeks prior. Kevin commented on what it was like working on this role: “It was rewarding to deliver the client two candidates. They needed someone desperately to fill the role of the previous employee and to help maintain the success of their operation. It was the first placement with this client in their US branch and with talks of more roles to come our way.

December 2022: In this month’s ‘Successful Placements’, we showcase how our consultants have partnered with the world’s leading telecoms and network communication companies to build teams, grow business and as you’ll see, help them adjust to the market to hire the best talent.


Phil Jones and Hassan Khan from First Point Group’s London office assisted a multinational telecommunication, information technology and consumer electronics corporation to recruit a Project Manager to oversee a core integration project. When the client initially reached out to Phil and Hassan, the job specifications were broad which led Phil to speak to the client to gain more insight and information about the role, which highlighted the fact that they needed someone that was fluent in the local language. Phil commented: “After flagging the broadness of the spec to the client, they gave me more detail about the role and the requirements they needed from a candidate. This highlighted the fact that they needed a candidate that is fluent in the local language, which lessened our candidate pool.” With that in mind, Phil and Hassan used various platforms to help them on their search as the requirements were very niche, which meant that they were limited in their reach and candidate pool. After a week of searching, Phil and Hassan were able to submit two candidates to the client within a week of having the role. The candidate was offered the role the day after the interview and started a month later. Hassan commented: “The client was impressed with the quick turn around with bringing candidates forward, despite the negotiation period taking a bit longer than expected, it was great to see the candidate start and the client extend the contract to 12-months instead of keeping it at the original 6-months.


Nick Burdett and Claye Moore from First Point Group’s Dallas office recently recruited an OSP Construction Manager to supervise OSP and Fibre construction projects for a telecommunications service provider. The client requested a candidate that had experience in leading construction projects, this meant that Nick and Claye’s candidate pool was small and niche. Claye came into contact with the candidate through LinkedIn Recruiter and knew from the experience and attitude of the candidate, that he had to submit him for the role. Claye commented: “Once we submitted the candidate, we made sure to keep all lines of communication open and give regular updates to both parties. When speaking to the client, Nick and I made sure to keep the candidate on the Hiring Manager’s radar.” After meeting the candidate, it was apparent that the client was impressed and wanted to submit an offer straight away. Within a week of the interview, the client had sent the offer to the candidate who happily accepted. Despite Nick and Claye taking a risk and only submitting one candidate, they knew that it was a risk willing to take as they hadn’t come across another candidate that had experiences within all requirements listed out and had a personality that fit into the team and company. Nick commented: “Claye has created a great network of OSP candidates which came in handy when this role was given to us. This allowed for us to showcase our skills and how we have a large connection with talents in all areas within the industry. We hope to work with the client again in the future.


Uriel Hernandez from First Point Group’s Mexico City office placed a Solutions Engineer into a digital solutions company to help them create a technical architecture for the client’s product. As the client are a foreign company, it was apparent that they had little understanding on the current market and the general salary expectations. It was clear that this would be a challenge as the client would have to adapt to the new market and salaries in order to hire someone with the skills and knowledge that they were requesting. After some negotiation and Uriel providing the client with information about what salaries would be expected from candidates of a certain skillset, they adapted to his feedback and changed the salary offering for the role. Uriel commented: “Once I had reassured the client on the salary expectations and why changing it was necessary, they quickly understood and adapted their previous process using the information and feedback I was giving them.” Once that had been confirmed, Uriel conducted his search for candidates using a variety of recruitment platforms like LinkedIn Recruiter and the First Point Group database. Uriel was able to submit 10 candidates to the client, however, the client felt that none of them fit exactly what they were looking for. With that in mind, Uriel went back to searching for more candidates, to which he was able to submit two. After meeting and interviewing both the candidates, the client sent an offer to one of the candidates who they felt had the best skillset to execute the role. The Hiring Manager commented: “The service that First Point Group provided was quick and efficient. Uriel made sure to follow up frequently and maintained constant communication.


Ted Ko and Andy Vu from First Point Group’s Dallas office placed an Automation Tools Expert/Software Engineer into a multinational telecommunications company. This role was important to Ted and Andy as they were competing with other agencies to place a candidate into this role, so, finding quality candidates to submit within a quick time frame was both the challenge and goal for the team. As Ted and Andy asked detailed questions in order to understand what the client were looking for and to understand their business needs, it made recruiting a candidate a lot easier as they could be thorough with the search. Ted and Andy used multiple platforms to help them in their search, which ranged from LinkedIn Recruiter, the First Point Group database and referrals. Within three days of having been sent the role, Andy was able to submit a candidate that he found on LinkedIn. Andy commented: “Ted and I agreed that the candidate we submitted was a strong contender. Despite it being a risky decision to only submit one candidate, we were confident that the client would send an offer after the interview.” After submitting the candidate and the client finishing the interview process, the candidate was sent an offer the next day and accepted. This deal displayed why First Point Group are experts in the field and how the consultants are able to understand the client and deliver exactly what they need. The Hiring Manager commented: “First Point Group always bring the highest quality candidates and within record timings. They always maintain constant communication and cooperate effectively.

November 2022: In this month’s ‘Successful Placements’, we showcase how our consultants have partnered with the world’s leading telecoms and network communication companies to build teams, grow business and as you’ll see, work with businesses in locations new to First Point Group.


Phil Jones and Hassan Khan from First Point Group’s London office assisted their client, a multinational telecommunication, information technology and consumer electronics business, to recruit a 5G Core Testing Engineer with extensive experience in SDM Engineering. This placement was essential to the client who ideally needed two Testing Engineers to meet the demands of their project. Having previously worked with the client, they trusted us to deliver high-quality candidates, within a short time frame, who had advanced tech experience and the determination to dive straight into a big project. Hassan was able to source a small number of ideal candidates which he submitted to the client who began promptly interviewing. However, the team experienced a setback when the preferred candidate unfortunately and unexpectedly pulled out during the interview stage. Rather than just wait to see what the client thought of the existing candidates in the interview process, Hassan began sourcing new candidates which proved to be successful as a new candidate he submitted was interviewed within the week. Phil commented “Hassan did a great job in finding candidates. When we experienced a candidate falling through at the interview stage, Hassan got back onto the phone and found the final candidate almost immediately.” After the quick rounds of interviews, the candidate was offered the job. Securing a candidate with the right experience in a short period of time was the main goal for this placement, especially as the client was working on a major project. Phil Jones commented: “The Hiring Manager was impressed with how quick we were in finding a candidate within the short space of time, let alone a candidate that had the experience they were looking for. This continues to prove why we are good at what we do and will open more opportunities with the client in the future.


Bassan Karame and Edgar Guzman from First Point Group’s Dallas office placed a RAN Integration Engineer with a multinational networking and telecommunications company. The RAN Integration Engineer role required a candidate that was capable to deliver on large-scale projects with specific targets. The client had four positions open for scripting and integration, which Bassan and Edgar were able to fill two and other members of the Dallas team are continuing to recruit. As First Point Group has worked with the client previously, Bassan and Edgar had a good relationship with the Hiring Manager and understood clearly the clients’ needs and business goals. The role specifications were very clear and detailed, so Bassan and Edgar had to use multiple recruitment tools, ranging from LinkedIn to First Point Group’s database to their personal network, all to ensure they were searching literally every possible area to search for quality candidates. Along with the requirements being very specific, Bassan and Edgar had the challenge of trying to find candidates within 14 days. Bassan Karame commented: “We were able to submit eight candidates to the client within 10 days of having the role. Interviews, offers and acceptances happened very quickly. We were really happy with the outcome.” The Hiring Manager also commented: “We appreciate the efforts and support to deliver quality candidates, especially given that we handed Bassan and Edgar specific requirements. Their understanding of our operation is key for our resource needs.


Ted Ko from First Point Group’s Dallas office, worked with a global solutions company to recruit for a Senior RAN Expert job in Canada. They needed a candidate that could join and help deliver big projects. The client’s internal recruitment team struggled to find good quality candidates for this role, as well as trying to find bilingual candidates based in Canada. The client reached out to Ted after searching for Telecoms Recruitment Agencies in Canada. Given the vast network our teams have in telecommunications, Ted referred a candidate to the client who he had been in contact with earlier on in the year. Ted commented: “The challenging part of this role was trying to find a bilingual candidate based in Canada. However, I knew of a candidate that fit the requirements perfectly who I actually had been speaking with at the start of the year.” Within six weeks of having the role, the candidate Ted submitted was interviewed and offered. He is confident that the candidate can perfectly execute the role and look forward to seeing their success in the coming months and years. The Hiring Manager commented: “We were confident in First Point Group’s ability in finding the right candidate. As we were referred to them by our Europe team, we knew of their previous successes and had no doubt that they were the right agency to help us.”


Rachel Mou from First Point Group’s Shenzhen office assisted a global leader of digital solutions to recruit for a Solution Architect job. Successfully recruiting for this role would help First Point Group’s goal to become known as a leading telecoms recruitment agency in Singapore. The client is new to the Singapore telecoms market and they reached out to First Point Group having worked with Rachel previously. They were confident in her capability to find the right candidate, despite their challenging requirements. Rachel commented: “The client specified that they needed a candidate that was familiar with certain technologies and fluent in Chinese which proved to be a big challenge for me during my search.” Despite this, Rachel was confident in finding good quality candidates as First Point Group have a deep understanding of the ICT industry globally and across Asia. After weeks of searching, Rachel submitted three candidates to the client all of whom fit the specifications perfectly. Within two months, the client interviewed all three candidates and sent an offer to one of them. This placement has helped the client to focus on expanding their business in Singapore. The Hiring Manager commented: “During the time of working with Rachel and First Point Group, they were very responsive, professional and have remained our go-to with roles like this as they are local telecoms recruitment experts.

First Point Group is a global specialist telecoms recruitment agency with offices in Dallas, Dubai, Toronto, Mexico City, London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Shenzhen, Johannesburg, and Hong Kong. We partner with many of the world’s largest telecommunications organisations helping them to recruit for the most sought-after jobs in telecoms. For more information, contact a member of the First Point Group team in your local region.

October 2022: In this month’s ‘Successful Placements’, we showcase how our consultants have partnered with the world’s leading telecoms and network communication companies to build teams, grow business and as you’ll see we can even help to implement changes to their hiring processes and procedures., making us a preferred recruitment agency for our clients. 


Mughees Ahmed from First Point Group’s Dubai office helped his client, a telecommunications service provider, to help recruit an Associate Director position who had extensive experience in leading teams and managing technical projects in the Middle East. With his deep understanding of the business’s needs, Mughees was able to clearly communicate the need for this role and the potential career development it could bring to all candidates he spoke with. Mughees assisted the client in refining their recruitment process and gave them advice on the best questions to ask which will then outline the candidate that has the right requirements which helped the client massively during the interview stage. Along with recruiting candidates, Mughees helped the sales team build their recruiting process from scratch. With Mughees’ expertise in the field, he was able to give advice to the hiring manager as there are many global players within the region. So, understanding the requirements and having transparent communication with candidates was important. Mughees was able to submit two candidates within two weeks of having the role. The Hiring Manager commented: “Mughees is a thorough and proactive recruiter. He understands the business inside out and his placements have influenced immense change on our sales floor.” Mughees has become the preferred recruitment consultant for the client when filling their high-level job positions. 


Ted Ko and Claye Moore from First Point Group’s Dallas office, worked with a multinational telecommunication, information technology, and consumer electronics business, assisting them to recruit a Senior 5G RF Optimization Engineer. A challenge when sourcing for this role was that the client needed someone who had very extensive technical experience, it was like finding a needle in a haystack. During their search, Ted and Claye found a candidate that fit the unique skills outlined by the client. However, the candidate being based in Australia proved to be the main challenge as it meant that they would need an approved E-Visa. After discussing with the client, the prospect of interviewing this candidate on the other side of the world, they agreed to interview and felt this candidate was perfect for the role. After going through the process of authorising the candidate to work in the US, the client sent an offer to the candidate, which they gladly accepted. Claye Moore commented “This was a major RF placement for Ted and I as this was our second RF placement with the client.” This placement has now opened up several other roles which Ted and Claye hope to work on with the client.


Satoshi Tanaka from First Point Group’s Hong Kong office, displayed how perseverance and a good service is absolutely critical when building relationships with a new client. Satoshi assisted a start-up software company in Japan to help find them a Sales Director who had the ability to create plans to maintain new and existing customer relationships and service. As the client was still new to their market, certain aspects of their hiring process needed developing and streamlining.  Alongside using various recruiter platforms for his search, Satoshi worked with the hiring manager to create an efficient hiring process and plan as their current process included nine rounds of interviews which was a cause of concern for candidates and could potentially result in drop offs. Satoshi was able to submit 10 candidates to the client along with sharing his best practices when hiring the best talent to help the client with future recruitment. This enabled them to make an effective decision when offering the job to the preferred candidate. The hiring manager commented: “We always appreciate Satoshi’s contribution, values and dedicated service.” Satoshi used his skills and experience in the field to help them fill this position and gave the client a new and effective hiring process for future roles.


Ahmed Jamal Khan and Gemma O’Flaherty from First Point Group’s Dubai office successfully placed an SDK Technical Engineer for a renowned video hosting service based in the UK. This particular placement was important as it was the first one Ahmed and Gemma worked on that required someone based in the UK. This placement subsequently opened several more opportunities with the client. The client reached out to Ahmed and Gemma after multiple internal and external recruiters were unsuccessful when filling the position. It became apparent that the biggest challenge for this role was finding a candidate that could work in the UK for the first six months and then relocate to Dubai. While using their database, they came across a candidate who fit the role perfectly. Within six weeks of having the role, Ahmed and Gemma submitted multiple candidates who were, interviewed and the final candidate was offered the role very quickly. The client was impressed with the dedication, efficiency and timescale that the candidate was found in. The hiring manager commented: “Our relationship with First Point Group is stronger. I don’t work with other agencies anymore for these particular roles.”

First Point Group is a global specialist telecoms recruitment agency with offices in Dallas, Dubai, Toronto, Mexico City, London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Shenzhen, Johannesburg, and Hong Kong. We partner with many of the world’s largest telecommunications organisations helping them to recruit for the most sought-after jobs in telecoms. For more information, contact a member of the First Point Group team in your local region.

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