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5 reasons why we invest in our recruiters careers

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Recruitment was one of many industries impacted by the Coronavirus and as some companies hea...

By Philip Bowles

Head Of Talent

Recruitment was one of many industries impacted by the Coronavirus and as some companies head back into the office life, most companies have transitioned into a hybrid or remote working structure. However, our aim is to provide our consultants with the best support and training to help push them to reach their career goals in the most comfortable way possible.

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” – Stephen R. Covey

1. We Practice the Recruiting We Preach

When it comes to IT/Telecoms recruitment we like to ensure we give the consultants the newest technology from big tech vendors that we work with so they can execute the tasks of their role efficiently. It makes sense for us to deliver the best service possible by using the platforms created by our clients, giving our teams an unfair competitive advantage.

A lot of platforms we use, such as Lusha, Sourcebreaker, LinkedIn and more, are a reflection of the market we work in. So, we want our recruiters to use the latest tools to maximise their full potential when hiring the best talent for cleints.

2. We Believe in Providing a Consultative Service, Not Just Handling Data

Fortunately for our clients, we are not just a CV factory. First Point Group has spent many years building a reputation in the telecoms & IT industry. We continue to train our recruiters in utilising the platforms we offer to help them source the best talent that obtains the skillsets right for the client. We continue to focus on building strategic partnerships for both clients and candidates.

3. We’ve Learned to Grow Authentic Relationships

Loyalty speaks volumes. A large number of our global team have served years with us immersed in our culture and have built strong recruitment relations across all sectors.

With a more engaged team and healthy environment in which we offer support to our consultants, this improves the service we give to our clients and candidates.

4. Trusted & Strategic Business Partnerships

While many organisations’ agendas’ are to dominate the world, First Point Group has always focused on nurturing our 12 technology specialisms.

With fresh recruiting concepts and up-to-date knowledge of each vertical, we can adapt, advise and support. We understand the industry is a constant narrative. 

5. We Aim to be Recruitment Subject Matter Experts in Every Way

The recruitment industry has an interesting reputation. It can be well known for its aggressive competition where recruiters are battling against their peers. But, our consultants are more supportive as Subject Matter Experts for their clients. Understanding the technical aspects of the key areas we work in is one of the simple ways we succeed in placing the right people with the right companies.

We are always learning, growing and adapting and there is no end to the evolution!

Interested in working at First Point Group? Contact our Head of Talent, Philip Bowles.

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