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The Next Big Thing

thenextbigthing2Working in the Telecommunications industry for 20 years I’ve noticed there has always been a regular cycle of industry game changers; new technologies emerge and transform our industry. The next big thing is always just around the corner. At the start of 2015, it seems there is no longer just one ‘Next Big Thing’ but there is a whole host of developments on the horizon; 5G, Mobile Money, Big Data, Internet of Everything and the Networked Society.

Unlike technologies such as 2.5G, WAP and GPRS, which were only stepping stones to a better future. These new developments look as if they may make a real difference to user’s daily lives and the way companies operate; impacting the daily lives of us mere mortals for the better.
The reality, much like LTE, is that these developments will take much longer to rollout than is being touted. For example, it will be years not months until we see a fully mobilised Networked Society.

So, post Mobile World Congress, the world is focusing on what ‘The Next Big Thing’ actually is, at First Point Group we are working on a combination of traditional and cutting edge Telecommunication areas. The majority of roles, whether permanent or contract based, tend to be focused on the current standard technologies, all of which keep the world ticking along nicely.
However, it is great to see the next big things on the horizon and it certainly means we have a lot to look forward within the Telecommunications Industry. No sitting back, plenty to do.