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Philip Jones

Cybersecurity: Hot Areas & Top Jobs

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Cybersecurity is the boardrooms hot topic, with numerous high profile attacks in recent week...

By Philip Jones

Regional Director, Europe

Cybersecurity is the boardrooms hot topic, with numerous high profile attacks in recent weeks.

With 95% of cybersecurity breaches caused by human error (Cybint), our customers are investing in building their teams in 3 hot areas :Application SecurityCloud SecurityIncident ResponseWhat are the HOT roles in these areas?APPLICATION SECURITY

We know that 2020 had a number of significant events around application security, including the move of applications to the cloud, the expansion of remote workers using cloud accessed applications, and an increase in the number of vulnerabilities reported in code.

Application Security high demand jobs are:

  • Application Security SpecialistApplication Security EngineerApplication Security ConsultantWith recent trends, we are experiencing an increased focus on application security hiring and TechBeacon’s article on the trends for 2021 confirms our prediction.What is your plan to skill up / recruit into this area, to ensure that you, your applications, and your projects are secure?If you already have significant teams in this area, please do request our Salary Survey to see if your staff are well remunerated as they will be receiving offers!CLOUD SECURITY

    Insider threats have been reshaped in 2021, the work-from-home trend will keep on reforming the threat landscape and mobile endpoints will become the assault of choice, according to 2021 figures.

    IT staffs are still recovering from the enormous work-from-home shift.  They are reconsidering network protection because of new conditions on cloud services, and digital collaborative tools such as Zoom, Teams, Skype and Slack.Cloud security jobs are live for an average of 79 days, hot roles are:Cloud Security ConsultantCloud Security EngineerCloud Security ArchitectCloud Security SpecialistCloud adoption, spurred by pandemic work realities, will only accelerate in the year ahead with software-as-a-service, cloud-hosted processes and storage driving the charge. A study by Rebyc found that 35% of companies surveyed said they plan to accelerate workload migration to the cloud in 2021.  Budgets and salaries are increasing too.How will you recruit (and crucially keep) your Cloud Security team this year?Is it possible for you to hire Graduates and set up a training program for them? Ask our consultants for more details of Graduate salary expectations!INCIDENT RESPONSE

    IT spending decreased by nearly 10% in 2020. This will likely reverse as we all head to the new normal and beyond in 2021.

    We expect many IT security leaders to seek relief in convergence solutions capable of integrating multiple services on a single platform.

    In particular, threat detection and response platforms will be a popular choice to drive convergence, replacing a disjointed array of point products and enabling consistent protection of all enterprise IT resources from a single control point.

    Typical Incident Response jobs you’ll need to fill are:

    • Incident Response Analyst
    • Threat Vulnerability Analyst
    • Cyber Security Enigneer
    • 7Nearly 12 months into the pandemic, are you a company struggling to support a remote or hybrid workforce.

    Almost 25% of organizations absorbed unexpected costs related to Cyber Security breaches and malware infections.  The key to this year is hiring the right incident response professionals to help you develop your remote working / hybrid working models

    Demand is high, candidate volume is low – and this will grow further in 2021.

    Salaries are rising, your team members will be in demand. Check your packages offered to match up, and if you need to hire use a “specialist” agency, as we have pools of not on the market candidates looking for “opportunities” that match their next career move, not just those on the job boards.

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