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Adrianna Wronska

Three Hottest Jobs in North America

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In my latest article, I highlight the current state of play in Wireless Network Infrastructu...

By Adrianna Wronska

Senior Vice President

In my latest article, I highlight the current state of play in Wireless Network Infrastructure and Logistics - the area of telecommunications I recruit within as well as discuss the latest hot telecommunication jobs I’m recruiting for. Currently the North America telecommunications market value is $583.4 billion (according to statista) and this is widely expected to grow in the coming years, especially with the growth of areas such as 5G and Open RAN across the US. Currently, my clients are investing in the areas of: 

  • Supply Chain – Distribution, Logistics, and Design
  • Deployment – Wireless, Wireline, and OSP Deployment
  • Integration – Solution implementation troubleshooting and testing
  • Technology – R & D and engineering 

Most of the telecommunication's roles I currently recruit for have the potential to be high volume growth areas, and are telecoms professionals who support the build out of the 5G BTS Units. Additionally, I recruit several lead installers that are supporting the swaps and upgrades within the Central offices for the major telecommunications companies in the US.  

The hottest three jobs in telecommunications (and their respective responsibilities) I am currently working on are: 

Distribution Center Supervisor

  • Supervise fast-paced Telecoms Distribution Center
  • Implement Operations plans to improve efficiencies in
  • Responsible for all aspects of Distribution Center operations 

Account Representative 

  • Compile and create reports to be presented to supervisors
  • Assist in general administrative tasks and data entry
  • Utilize customer relationship management software 

Construction Manager  

  • Site Mod Experience
  • Experience in construction management experience
  • Work items include (but not limited to) digging trenches, grounding, cad welding, stacking towers, etc.
  • Coordinating construction scheduling while acting as a liaison to Project Management 

If you are a telecommunications profession in the US and are considering your next career opportunity, feel free to reach out and contact me to discuss your career progression in further detail. 

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