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The future of telecoms recruitment in Africa

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Jason Duloquin from First Point Group’s Paris office attended The Mobile World Congress in R...

By Jason Duloquin

Regional Managing Director (EMEA)

Jason Duloquin from First Point Group’s Paris office attended The Mobile World Congress in Rwanda – an event that brings together the digital and connectivity ecosystem. Exhibitors from around the world showcased cutting edge technologies and discussed the new innovations in the industry that that can help visionary startups go from physical to digital.

With meeting familiar faces of the clients we work with and attending panel discussions, Jason held discussions with industry leaders about the importance of finding new talent within mobile financial services and it’s a general feeling that there will be an increase in recruitment activity across the board in 2023. Jason commented: “This year’s MWC event makes me feel excited to see how mobile money and digital finance can transform the continent in many ways and increase the inclusion of the millions of unbanked Africans.”

With speakers from Orange, ZTE, Deloitte, Ericsson amongst many others, it was great to hear the predictions about recruitment activity within mobile and digital finance and the importance of digital growth for many companies. Jason commented: “The future of telecoms in Africa is mobile money and digital finance inclusion. Africa represents 70% of the mobile money market globally, which is an asset when attracting clients in the region.” 

The outlook of recruitment activity in 2023

From the panel discussions it was clear to see that the goal for many companies is to now focus on finding talent in the mobile financial services sector and enforce digital financial inclusion by developing up to date infrastructures in Africa. Jason summarised the outlook for 2023: “There will be a race to attract specific skills that are either scarce or not available yet in Africa for mobile financial services. Investments are on the rise so we should expect to see a boom in recruitment as the year begins.”

The Future of Mobile Money: 30 second Q&A

At the conference, Jason spoke with Jean Claude Gaga, Managing Director of Airtel Rwanda Mobile Money about the comparison between working for a bank and working for a telco company, and how he sees mobile money developing in the future.

What is the main difference between working for a bank and working for a Telco?

 “Working with a bank requires more patience, it is way more process driven. That’s the way it is and should be as everything is a risk before it’s an opportunity. There is no real sense of urgency and no clear focus on customers. In Telcos, you have room to break rules. It's a mass market, so you need to get it right from the start which means you have to be customer centric. Telco companies are more dynamic and take less time to implement changes.“ 

Please define mobile money in 3 words

Price, convenience and channels

 Define for yourself the Future of mobile money, mid and long term? 

Mobile money is to become the continental currency for Africa, we do not need foreign FX. What is necessary is for us to have harmony around Digital identity (seamless way to identify people beyond borders) to achieve this. “

We look forward to seeing how mobile money will develop in Africa throughout 2023 and the focus on educating people that will obtain rare skills that will become necessary in the progression of digital financial inclusion in Africa.

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