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Aarthi Arjunan

A day in the life as a Payroll Manager

5 Minutes

Tell us about your day-to-day activities in your role. On a daily basis, the first thin...

By Aarthi Arjunan

Payroll Manager

Tell us about your day-to-day activities in your role. 

On a daily basis, the first thing is to check emails and respond to any employee’s query regarding payroll or timesheet, which is my high priority. Then I move on to do billing for our clients and make sure my payroll team has work delegated for that day. I support a few financial reports and make sure all AP and AR are up to date. As always, every day brings new challenges that need to be addressed.  

What challenges do you deal with in your role at First Point Group? 

The biggest challenge in my job is managing all the payroll needs of a global workforce. I need to ensure an accurate and time-efficient process is carried out successfully in order to pay all employees accurately. Staying in the loop with employment law and regulatory changes has been a big challenge.   

What do you enjoy about the work culture and people at First Point Group? 

FPG Dallas has a positive company culture where employees are engaged, motivated, happy, receiving help in their professional development, and supporting each other. Also, the company supports both team and individual efforts. Since our Dallas office is a small team, it helped me get to know everyone I work with and build meaningful and supportive relationships. My team has inspired me and motivated me to keep developing my skills to contribute to achieving business goals.

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