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Social Recruiting: Is it worth it?

5 years ago, using Social Media was a cheap way of exposing our brand and reaching out to as many possible clients and candidates as possible.

Fast forward to today and FPG has just been ranked by LinkedIn as a Top 10 “Most Socially Engaged” recruitment agency out of 60,000 firms, and invests significant time and monies globally on Social Recruiting and Social Media activities.

But, for all of the effort that goes in from our teams around the world, is it worth it, and does it make a difference?

In short, yes. But it’s not simple and it’s hard to quantify returns, so you need to have faith and truly believe that your brand matters (if you don’t have that mind-set, then it’s not for you).

So, if it’s a yes then why?

1) Affinity – By reaching so many people each day, on differing platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, QQ etc., clients and candidates know your organisation and what your about, in short you strive to create affinity, or at least to create awareness.

2) Touch, Choose, Use – It’s not rocket science, awareness breaks down barriers, so when clients need talent or candidates need jobs, they know us, what we do, and what we stand for. Simply put, its step one on the way to working together.

3) All feedback is good feedback – I have heard other MD’s and CEO’s of recruitment companies say they “don’t do social media” as they are afraid of negative comments that they cannot control. But in the end we can only get better if we know what is wrong and who better to tell us than our clients and candidates; without them we do not have a business! So, warts and all, we need to know.

4) Recruiting is a Social Business – In the talent business our commodities are not pens, or cars – they are people, and people are social beings. Good recruitment agencies create social partnerships with our clients and candidates to create win – wins. So if people buy people, then Social Engagement over Social Media should be embraced as its part of our mission to create lasting social partnerships.

5) ROI – Whilst it’s hard to put a number on social branding impact, it’s got easier via CRM’s and technology like HubSopt, to track how a new client or candidate came to you, then its relatively simple to work cost vs. return. So it’s no longer guess work, you can put hard facts behind you investment and get true ROI.

For us it works. It’s certainly not as we first thought “cheap” and it requires a great marketing team that believe in your brand and mission, but done well, it creates opportunities for your clients, candidates and team to create social partnerships because people buy people.

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