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Government Relations Manager

  • Negotiable
  • United Arab Emirates, Dubai
  • Contract
Government Relations Manager
Dubai, UAE

? Gain insights into the policy, economic, and trade environment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), particularly Dubai, to facilitate timely adjustment of business strategies and planning, supporting the company's business objectives. Engage in establishing and maintaining relationships with target clients, enhancing understanding, and gaining trust. Drive the implementation of favorable industrial policies, create a conducive policy and regulatory environment, and create value for the long-term development of the company.
? Expand, establish, and maintain good relations between the company and relevant government departments in Dubai and the UAE. Interact with government departments (including but not limited to the tax bureau, labor department, ministry of internal affairs, etc.) to ensure the normal operation of subsidiary businesses locally.
? Responsible for handling various urgent, emergent, and crisis events related to government public affairs in Dubai and the UAE. Monitor public relations and sentiment on company networks, and manage and respond accordingly.
? Assist the company in enhancing its recognition and brand image at relevant government levels in Dubai and the UAE, integrate internal resources, and gain policy advantages.

? 8 years or more experience in government public relations or related fields, preferably in the UAE Dubai.
? Good image and temperament, with excellent communication skills.
? Bachelor's degree or above, preferably in public relations, journalism, or related fields.
? Have relatively rich media, government, industry institutions, and other industry cooperation resources in the UAE Dubai.
? Strong learning and adaptation abilities, self-driven, and adhere to the spirit of teamwork.
? Excellent communication, understanding, and interpersonal skills; sensitivity to political and economic situations, experience in local government operations in UAE Dubai is preferred.
? Proficient in efficiently executing and managing multiple tasks simultaneously, capable of handling high-intensity work, and available for occasional business trips within the MEA.
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