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Pendy Hou

Telecom & InfoSec Day 2019

5 minutes

50 years on from the first celebration of communications technology and things have advanced...

By Pendy Hou

Senior Account Manager

50 years on from the first celebration of communications technology and things have advanced in more ways than we can imagine.

First Point Group have been a major player in identifying telecoms talent that has brought the world up to speed developing innovating communications every turn. Today is a celebration of the importance of the technologies we have available to us and of course raising awareness to the issues and gaps in ICT. One of those gaps to bridge is this year’s theme: standardisation.

The 5G race

5G is the big buzz that’s breaking through the telecoms world. Globally, vendors are all at different stages in the 5G race.  South Korea was dismissed by the US when their 5G launch was considered to be a publicity stunt. The US deemed to be ahead of schedule with various carriers now selling 5G ready services in 2019. Similarly, Vodafone in the UK announced their 5G services to launch in July.

Meanwhile, there are still many other countries and regions looking to ace the basics, upgrading 2G to 3G and so on.

Where does Standardisation come in?

Ericsson commented on the intricacy of standardisation when it comes to 5G:

“The 5G standardization process is complex and highly innovative. With pioneering research and early collaborations with academia and other industries, we have developed and contributed to a standard that meets the needs of different industries and the society.”

The complication stems from the many other technical branches that 5G has to offer, such as IoT, untraceable security, plus the sheer scale of coverage for a fraction of the cost. 5G isn’t just an upgrade from 4G, it’s an entirely new world of network technology.

How far we’ve come

The 1970’s saw the first mechanical telephone, discovered by Robert Hooke, with his initial intentions to make music. The evolution of such technology has expanded in many different directions since.

Today, 5G, IoT, AI and other technological advances will bring an immense amount of benefit to the global economy. The mission now is to set the standard for local, national, regional and international levels and promoting the implementation of this standard.

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