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Ted Ko

5G Hiring: What to Expect for Your Team?

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THE USA LABOR MARKET: BUILDING YOUR 5G TEAMThe telecoms industry has evolved in a way that w...

By Ted Ko

Account Director


The telecoms industry has evolved in a way that what was once a fantasy or science-fiction idea 20 years ago, is becoming a reality in the present times. Remote real-time surgeries in the medical environment and fast response to emergencies in public safety are just a few of the thousands of business cases 5G is bringing to society. 5G radio network design followed by the careful implementation in the field and from back-office, together with strong capabilities in the core side of the network will enable the features that will connect not only people but also things.

There’s a Hiring Demand for Smart City Solutions: solving the cities problems with human congestion and traffic

Telecoms Professionals are wanted even more in IoT: estimated to connect about 1 million IoT devices per square kilometer

When it comes to ultra-high-speed data, 5G engineers are definitely not limiting to wireline networks! 

5G has arrived. 

US carriers have launched commercial use of the next-generation network, but, things have only just begun. With (fast) video in demand, the next 4-5 years will be spent building up 5G networks to make up 55% of subscriptions in the US in 2024


Our consultants, who are working on Sprint projects, have completed 600 sites so far nationwide. Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Kansas City are the first to get 5G services. Major players with the OEM products are:

  • Nokia
  • Ericsson
  • Samsung Technology America (STA) 


Most importantly, for the telecommunications carriers and equipment vendors is to have access to the right resources, for the right positions at the right time. 

5G involves not only traditional telecommunications experience and skills but also a mix of technology-based knowledge. 

The technology candidates will need need to have worked on for different 5G job positions include Virtualization, Automation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Cloud, Edge Computing, Radio Access and Core Network, and more. 

The introduction of new technologies such as OpenRAN, Cloud RAN, Cloud Computing, Massive MIMO, CBRS, Network Virtualization, are an essential part of this “Technology Re-volution”.


Finding the right candidates for a 5G position will require Staffing/Recruitment/Talent Acquisition teams to have more support from technical expertise areas. Or to transition from the known recruitment methodologies to a more technical-based structured process to guarantee an accurate team evaluation, quality check and competence profile validation before present candidates to the positions they are applying. 

First Point Group has foreseen and followed this transformation in the industry. We have transformed our processes, methods and have upskilled our staff with new onboarding and training to be ready to exceed the expectations of our partners. 

Our hiring teams are proudly former employees of Telecommunication Vendors and Carriers which has kept our sales and operations members up to date with technology, market trends, and best practices in 5G and beyond. 


Speaking with Nadeem, one of our RF Engineers, he enlightens what it’s like working on 5G in the US and how to get there. He explained that to get into RF engineering in the US, you need a minimum of an Electrical/Electronics Engineering Degree ideally with a Telecoms Major. It is also required to have an understanding of 5G architecture, 5G standards and training.

“I did upskill from previous generations, I did in-house Nokia training but I know you can get training from Wray Castle too if you already are an RF Engineer.”

Wray Castle is a specialist training organisation that trains a range of industries but specialises in telecommunications. It has 235 courses available in telecoms regulation, mobile and fixed networks as well as dedicated consultant training.

Expectations for the future of 5G are positive, Nadeem is optimistic that everyone and everything will have to adopt sooner or later to reap the benefits:

“Every Mobile Network eventually will adopt 5G in the world sooner or later, as data growth is exponential since smart phones have been introduced, and IoT, self-driving cars and other industries, will need fast 5G networks for real time communications.”

According to an Ericsson report, the traffic generated by smartphones will increase by 10 times. Even though smartphones have completely overtaken every other device, 5G will play a vital part in boosting the efficiency, quality and security of communicative technology.

For newcomers, Nadeem has advised to get up to date with the tech as much as you can. Having a working knowledge of 4G is an absolute must and any specific completed training/qualifications in Radio Frequency will go a long way.

“If you’re already in the industry then try and get involved in 5G trials within your current company.”


As for the 5G jobs, First Point Group USA have many feet on the ground currently working for the network rollout, swap, modernizations and swap-out projects. We have teams in many states performing the construction/tower management, installation, C&I and software upgrades. The biggest names in telecoms are looking for experts to fill the following jobs:

  • RF Planning
  • RF Optmization
  • Tower Construction
  • Tower Design/Planning
  • Tower Installation
  • Rollout Project Management
  • Rollout Project Coordination

Telecom Vendors are testing features and capabilities in the lab, releasing software and hardware that is creating the path to the unimaginable. The rollout and network implementation is demanding a high level of experience and knowledge from the professionals to bring 5G coverage in every single place where 5G will be beneficial.

There will be many jobs created this year. We are hiring a large amount of 5G specialists already on behalf of our clients. The future is now, and FPG evolution is side-to-side with the technology trends by working together with our engineers. Please get in touch with our recruiting team to find out about our exciting 5G hiring services. 

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