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David Taylor

New telecom job? 3-step guide to start

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If you’re ready to further your career with a new job, there are a few things to consider be...

By David Taylor

Managing Director

If you’re ready to further your career with a new job, there are a few things to consider before you begin applying. Here we list our most important considerations when starting the job searching process.­­­­

1. Understand why you’re looking for a new job and what you want from it.

The first question to ask yourself is ‘why am I looking for a new job?’. Have you felt the need to move for several months (or longer), or is this more of a feeling you get only occasionally? Once decided, if you’re determined to begin your job search, it’s recommended to consider the following:

  • What aspects of your current job do you enjoy / dislike most?
  • What new skills or responsibilities do you want to learn / have in a new job?
  • What is the title / position of the new role you want?
  • What is your desired salary and benefits? What are your minimum expectations to move?

Understanding the answers to these questions, will give you clarity as to what it is you’re looking for in a new job. If you seek the help from a specialist telecommunications recruitment agency, knowing the answers to these questions will ensure the recruitment consultant is well-informed to help you with your job search.

2. Ensure your CV is up to date, factually accurate and contains no errors

Most people have a CV that is relatively up to date. However, before you begin your job search, follow these basic guidelines:

  • Do try and stick to a structure such as; your details, summary of your skills and recent achievements, your employment (including job title, employer, employment dates), then at the end add your education including any relevant training / qualification
  • Do review your CV thoroughly to ensure that you’ve included your current or most recent job
  • Do include any tangible results or achievements from projects you’ve worked on
  • Do a spell / grammar check, then correct any obvious errors. Ask a friend to review it
  • Don’t leave out any responsibilities, projects, or skills that could be relevant to the job you’re applying for / wish to gain
  • Don’t be concerned with keeping your CV to two pages. If your experience is relevant and your CV is well presented, going over two pages is fine. Be mindful that while it’s good to be detailed, try to be concise where possible and we recommend not having a CV longer than four pages.

3. Work with a specialist telecommunications recruitment agency to find your next job

Whilst platforms like LinkedIn and the many available job boards make it easy to apply directly for jobs, they cannot get across to the client your passion, your personality and the finer reasons why you match the opportunity they have.

“Working with a telecommunications recruitment agency can put you one step ahead of your competition.”

A specialist telecommunication recruitment agency, such as First Point Group, liaise with hiring managers daily, resulting in us having long-lasting, trusted and valued relationships.

By working with us, we can understand your personality, your drivers and aspirations, different skill sets, experiences, salary expectations, goals and clearly communicate this to hiring managers or HR teams – something that can’t always come across within a CV. We can also discuss other available opportunities in the market and how they may also suit your career ambitions.

So, if you’re ready for your next telecommunications job, we’d love to help you. Contact First Point Group and let us be part of your journey.

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