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Sean Furey

IWD: Inspirational Women at First Point Group

5 Minutes

In celebration of International Women's Day, we asked a selection of women in senior positio...

By Sean Furey

Head of Marketing

In celebration of International Women's Day, we asked a selection of women in senior positions for their advice to young women who are beginning their careers, whether that be at First Point Group or in recruitment. 

Here's what they had to say:

Adrianna Wronska | Senior Vice President | Dallas

“Whatever you do, at whatever level, DO IT 100%! I wanted to be the best at what I do, always willing to go the extra mile, and success just followed. You must have a passion for your job and truly enjoy what you do.”

Katrina Li | Asia Operations Manager | Shenzhen

“I started as a Sales Support Administrator back in 2018 and I am now an Operations Manager leading admin and operations in Asia. There have been times where challenges have felt daunting. However, continue to have faith in yourself, NOBODY can define who you are, so be you! It’s not a perfect world, and shortcuts don’t exist for women, but with the power of unity, there are endless possibilities.”

Nivea Aragon | Senior Operations Manager | Dubai

“I joined First Point Group in 2012 as a Junior Sales Support Administrator, now I’m working as an Operations Manager leading the EMEA Back Office Team. Three phrases I professionally live by every day that I want to share with all the beautiful working women is: You can be anything you wish as long as you have your heart and mind in it. Take care of the business so that the business takes care of you. Anyone can be a boss but not anyone can be a leader, so lead by example!”

Zara Sadikova | Group Financial Controller | London

“I started as a Group Financial Controller back in April 2019. Fast forward four years, and I am now being promoted to Finance Director. It has been a roller coaster ride but, I have enjoyed and embraced every up and down along the way. Never stop learning, we learn through our failures and not successes, so never be afraid to make mistakes. Be bold, fearless, and expressive.”

Marina Hoang | Head of Finance Front Office | London

“My journey here started back in 2012 as a Finance Administrator and I worked my way up to becoming the Head of Finance Front Office. My advice is, never give up, believe in yourself and your abilities to strive and have the confidence to reach your goals. Don’t be discouraged by failures or obstacles, but rather view them as opportunities to learn, adapt and grow. Let’s keep inspiring and uplifting each other - together we can create a world where women are valued, respected, and given equal opportunities to succeed.”

Luz Nunez | Senior Account Manager | Mexico City

“Ten years ago, I joined the support team and assisted with some finance activities. However, soon after I decided to switch to sales as an Account Executive, then a Delivery Team Leader before jumping into Client management. Today I’m a Senior Account Manager where I get to look after clients in Mexico, LATAM, and the US. My advice to women would be to learn as much as you can, build strong relationships, and don't be afraid to just go for it. I’m telling you; YOU CAN DO IT!”

Celeste Bothma | Divisional Director | Johannesburg

“From my personal experience, the journey to the top can be challenging at the best of times. As mothers, life partners, and career-driven women, our days can seem overwhelming too. As a leader, I seek balance, daily inspiration and positivity. I believe recruitment consulting connects me to my purpose in life. This stems from my passion for people and has been at the center of my career for 25 years. My advice to women working up the ranks is to never give up, work hard and the possibilities will be endless.”

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