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Adrianna Wronska

5G & Fixed Network Jobs in Connected America

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Ted Ko from First Point Group’s Dallas office attended 2023 Connected America – ...

By Adrianna Wronska

Senior Vice President

Ted Ko from First Point Group’s Dallas office attended 2023 Connected America – a global event that brings together communications service providers at national, state, and local levels alongside the public sector, enterprise verticals and suppliers to discuss the ways businesses are working to improve broadband coverage in America. With exhibitors from AT&T, Adtran, Comcast, Nokia, Michael Baker, Radisys, Biarri Networks and more, it was a packed two days discussing the deployments of fibre and broadband in the US and connecting America.

Along with meeting the familiar faces of our clients, the team spoke with business leaders who shared their ideas and thoughts on the impact fiber and broadband deployments are having in the US. Ted Ko said of the event: “It was great to speak to some key players in the industry about their predictions on fiber and broadband, and how it has influenced their businesses focus for the year.” 

With speakers from Nokia, Comcast, Fibre Broadband, Adtran and more, it was great to hear the various predictions on the progress and potential of 5G and Fixed Networks across the US. These predictions focussed on 5G and Fixed Networks, and how they are expected to continue expanding, and how coverage, capacity and speed will improve as the importance of reliable internet connectivity is critical for businesses and households. From this, 5G technology is predicted to increase the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, autonomous vehicles, and other smart technologies. Many clients expressed their excitement as new technologies impact 5G, IoT, Narrowband, LTE, OpenRan and more. Strategies and investments in the US were also highlighted and one of the talks focussed on how fiber is reaching more rural and metro communities, which will ensure that areas can have access to the same tech. After speaking with clients and the event speakers, Ted summed up their overall focus, “Many businesses are focussed on investments and strategies, which will help take fiber across the US and impact the connection between each area. There will be an emphasis on scalability and expansion as businesses look to tackle the challenges and limitations the industry face, hopefully creating a connected society.”

As 5G and Fixed Networks are continuing to evolve and aim to provide a more reliable internet connectivity, there has been an increased demand on the roles below. To see the latest roles we are recruiting for in the US, click here.

  • OSP | ISP Design Engineers
  • OSP Project Managers
  • FTTX Implementation Engineers (Inside Plant)
  • 5G Core and RAN Testing Engineers
  • FWA RF Design Engineers

We look forward to seeing how businesses will work on connecting all communities together in the US and how this will increase recruitment as they try to keep up with the demand.

If you would like to know more about the 5G and broadband market in the US, contact Ted.

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