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Katrina Li

A day in the life as an Operations Manager

5 Minutes

Tell us about your day-to-day activities in your role. My role is to manage and ensure ...

Tell us about your day-to-day activities in your role. 

My role is to manage and ensure everyone in the Asia team is self-motivated, engaged, and efficient in completing assigned tasks. Being an Operation Manager in Asia who oversees all operation tasks, my essential responsibilities and accountabilities can be divided into three parts. First is leading the Sales Support team to coordinate with clients, contractors, and staff with excellent customer service to maintain our business runs well; second is to proactively manage day-to-day office operations and execution of administrative projects; the last thing is to ensure the directions and policies of local office including but not limited to labor, financial, health, corporate and individual taxation in accordance with governments compliance of local laws and regulations. 

What challenges do you deal with in your role at First Point Group? 

Personally, I’d like to use “balance” to describe my daily challenges through my work. Balancing people’s expectations and what I or the team can offer will always be my challenge. Hereby I am not just only referring to the relationships between Clients/Contractors with FPG, but also to internal staff on routine processes. Requirements can be completely varied and raised by different parties, which is why a balanced mindset is crucial for me to satisfy people’s expectations towards a reasonable stage. 

What do you enjoy about the work culture and people at First Point Group? 

It is pleasant to work in a place with professionalism and possibilities. Training is provided timely, extra hands are offered to dig out strengths as well as enhance weaknesses when I look for self-improvement and self-development. All these are giving me chances to expand my potential possibilities in various aspects of both work and life. Being surrounded by a working environment with friendly and supportive people is sincerely enjoyable.

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