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ORAN recruitment

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Recruiting for Open & Disaggregated Solutions Providers

Disaggregated networks have caused the biggest evolution to telecommunications in decades. These open networks are the changing of appliances from closed hardware and software obtained from one vendor, towards totally open components sourced from multiple vendors. Open RAN (O-RAN), specifically, is an industry-wide standard for Radio Access Network (RAN) interfaces to support interoperation between different vendor’s equipment resulting in greater network flexibility.

As participants of the Telecom Infra Project we are proud to be recruiting for o-ran alliance members and telecom disruptors, helping them connect with the best open ran engineers in the market. We are recruitment partners for several of the leading O-RAN telecom disruptors such as Mavenir, Parallel Wireless and JMA, and also for existing vendors and members of the o-ran alliance members.

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Case Study: Mavenir

Read how we recruited for Mavenir to build a team that produced industry-leading Open RAN products. Mavenir chose to partner with us for several reasons. Our 17 years’ recruitment experience across the US telecoms market meant that Mavenir’s requirements were taken care of by a reliable and proven recruitment agency.

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