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Video Interview Guide


Video interview preparation

You should always prepare yourself for the interview and be ready for the call. First impressions count and preperation is the key to a successful interview. As you look forward to your video interview here are some top tips:


Our 3 top tips...

  1. Test your equipment and any links - Make sure you have tested the interview link and ensure your application runs smoothly. You do not want to be running into issues at the time of the interview. Additionally, you want to make sure you have a strong/stable wifi connection.

  2. Prepare - Video interviews will still need to be prepared for just like a regular interview. You should think of examples of key successes and how you achieved these to share with the client, and also think of current market trends/focuses of the client that you have learnt from the job description. Check the client out online/LinkedIn!
  3. Position & Posture - Although this interview is at home treat as if you were entering their office. Ensure you are wearing something smart and you are located somewhere quiet with a professional background. Furthermore, if you are doing the interview from your phone ensure it is in a sturdy position where it will not fall over.



Remember, the most important things that all employers are looking for is relevant experience, energy & enthusiasm and adding value to their team.

You will be representing their company – so sell yourself & your skills to the interviewer and you will have the best chance of success.



Think in advance of questions surrounding what challenges & objectives the client has for this role. Think how you have successfully addressed these in the past. When asked a question by the client never give a one word answer, always look to expand and give examples. This is key!

If you are available immediately or at short notice, tell the customer this.

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