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David Taylor

Why US tech sales is a booming market now.

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Why US tech sales is a booming market now.The US tech sales recruitment market in 2021 has b...

By David Taylor

Managing Director

Why US tech sales is a booming market now.

The US tech sales recruitment market in 2021 has been extremely busy and with less than two months of the year left, there appears to be no slowing down in recruitment activity. So, as we enter the final couple of months of 2021, here is a quick snapshot of the market.

Which candidates are most in-demand?

High-quality tech sales candidates who were affected by COVID redundancies in 2020 have had a much better year in 2021. With organizations increasing their hiring activities throughout this year, most of the highly skilled candidates have now found employment. For organizations who begun recruitment earlier than their competitors, they are now reaping the rewards as most tech sales professionals are having record breaking years in terms of sales. However, this makes headhunting difficult for hiring organizations as these individuals are reluctant to walk away from the huge bonuses they may get at the end of 2021.

Technical skill set in demand

The most in-demand skill set desired by hiring organizations are candidates considered to be “pure hunters” and can win new business accounts within commercial enterprise, has experience selling SaaS, digital transformations, application modernization solutions and security solutions.

Advice for hiring organizations

With the market being so heavily candidate driven now, organizations that are actively recruiting should understand that high-quality candidates who are specialists in their field will receive multiple offers, with many companies offering very high sign on bonuses (in some cases upwards of $50,000). To go alongside these high signs on bonuses, base salaries are significantly higher than they were a year ago and long-term incentives such as stock and RSU’s are becoming the norm. So, if you are actively recruiting my advice would be, if you like a candidate do everything you can to expedite the interview process because your competition will be and get creative with what you can offer as compensation – these two factors will heavily influence whether you are offering to your first choice or your second, third, fourth choice candidate.

If you would like to know more about the US tech sales recruitment market or if you are hiring and would like advice, please contact me.

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