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Ted Ko

The future of telecoms recruitment in the US

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Recently, Ted Ko from First Point Group’s Dallas office recently attended the Mobile Wo...

By Ted Ko

Account Director

Recently, Ted Ko from First Point Group’s Dallas office recently attended the Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Las Vegas – one of the biggest global tech events of the year. With exhibitors from across the US, from large telecommunications companies to the disruptors in the market, it was a very busy few days for Ted. In addition to the MWC event itself, the First Point Group team attended the Women in Wireless (WWLF) event and GSMA Summit.

In addition to meeting a host of familiar faces, Ted spoke with many business leaders for the first time whose businesses are growing in the telecoms industry, whether that be from Open RAN (ORAN) technology or Tech Sales. Ted commented: “The event was more focused on smaller companies that are added business to the major companies, from the testing, devices, and applications, lots of ORAN and DAS/IBS companies also supporting new tools development.”

With speakers from AT&T, AWS, T-Mobile, GSMA among others it was great to listen to a vast array of subjects, from the evolution of “telco’s becoming techno’s and how hyper scaling is helping this transition”, to understanding how telecoms is being used in the metaverse and mobile gaming. As one speaker commented: “The sky is the limit.”

Recruitment activity in the US in 2023

From speaking with the various telecom leaders at the conference, it’s very clear that telecoms recruitment in the US will increase instrumentally over the coming months – 2023 will certainly be a growth year across all telecoms specialisms. As a former telecoms engineer, Ted is excited by seeing how telecoms and telecoms recruitment is developing, he said “Unlike other versions of this event where the focus was more on innovation and new functionalities in the wireless and macro networks from vendors and operators, there was a focus on startups, device testing, ORAN, and end mile parts manufacturers for both broadband, wireless and fiber business. Enterprise business, as well as Private networks and DAS/IBS also represented a huge part of MWC Las Vegas. It is exciting to witness the evolution of traditional and new players in this industry, and how busy the next 5-7 years will be and how we will see a portion of it in our staffing and recruitment business”. Ted Ko commented “it’s great to see a lot of new OEM manufactures in the industry and also Open RAN is taking a big part in the RAN networks. Many are targeting private LTE / Private 5G networks, especially with the combination of the utility and energy sectors

We look forward to watching the development of the telecoms industry in areas such as Open RAN, Network Technology, and Cloud to name a few. Onwards and upwards in the world of telecoms.

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