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Adrianna Wronska

Tech Sales jobs in Canada. What's in store for H1 2023?

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Update: February 2023With recent layoffs in the tech industry, there is likely to be a great...

By Adrianna Wronska

Senior Vice President

Update: February 2023

With recent layoffs in the tech industry, there is likely to be a greater reliance and emphasis on salespeople to continue to sell existing solutions and products (rather than selling new products or services), simply to keep revenue coming in, mainly as a cautious approach should the market settles or a recession hits. Due to this, I think we'll see an increase in the following tech sales jobs in Canada:   

  1. Sales Executives. This role will primarily focus on winning new business.
  2. Channel / Alliance Managers. The job titles for this role can vary, however, the primary responsibility of this role is to create and nurture partnerships with other companies to assist with revenue generation.
  3. Account Manager / Executives. The focus of these roles is to keep existing customers happy and maximize revenue opportunities but still to look for new opportunities/upselling.

Based in First Point Group's Toronto office, I recruit for tech sales jobs in Canada, and whilst 2023 certainly will have challenges, there are still many tech sales jobs in Canada. If you want to know more about the tech sales market, you can read about First Point Group's tech sales recruitment service or download our tech sales salary guide (for the US market but salaries can be similar in Canada), or contact me directly.

Update: July 2022

In my latest article, I briefly review the current state of play within the Tech Sales market in the USA and Canada (the areas of telecommunications I recruit within), as well as highlight the three latest hot Tech Sales jobs in telecommunications that I’m recruiting for.  

Currently, the North American telecommunications market is valued at $583.4 billion (according to statista) and this is widely expected to grow in the coming years, especially with the growth of areas such as 5G and Open RAN across the USA and Canada. Part of this growth will see jobs in Tech Sales increase too across the continent. Tech Sales recruitment noticeably grew in 2021 (compared to 2020), and this growth/demand continued into the first half of 2022, and I expect demand to continue throughout the second half of 2022 as businesses strive to grow post-pandemic. Most businesses I speak with are primarily trying to grow organically rather than undergoing a huge recruitment drive and hiring many staff at once.  

The hottest three jobs in Tech Sales (and their respective general responsibilities) that I am currently recruiting for are: 

  • Sales Executive/Account Executive. This job typically is tasked with bringing in net new logo business. In conjunction, a Sales Executive/Account Executive is usually tasked with developing new client relationships that can be utilised to bring repeat business within the account.  
  • Sales Manager. This position typically leads and mentors the sales teams. My clients prefer to recruit experienced Sales Managers who have the experience and skill to meet their individual, team and business goals. In some telecommunications companies, a Sales Manager can be involved in developing sales strategies and contributing to the go-to-market plan. However, this varies depending on each business. 
  • Sales Engineer & Pre-sales engineer. In both of these jobs, a Sales Engineer and Pre-sales engineer would typically visit a customer alongside a Sales Executive to understand and build solutions based on customers’ requirements. 

In all of the above Tech Sales jobs, I am seeing increased demand for them. Based on current activity, I expect this to continue throughout the remainder of 2022 and potentially in 2023. If you are a Sales Executive, Account Executive, Sales Manager, Sales Engineer, or Pre-Sales Engineer, then now is definitely a time to contact a specialist telecoms recruitment agency and explore recruitment marketing. 

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