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Ahmed Jamal Khan

DevOps in Telecom Software Development: Middle East

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DevOps practices have gained momentum within technology and telecoms over the last three yea...

By Ahmed Jamal Khan

Account Director

DevOps practices have gained momentum within technology and telecoms over the last three years, transforming software development and deployment processes. In the Middle East, where technology adoption is rapidly advancing, companies are embracing DevOps to streamline operations and accelerate innovation. In my latest blog, I examine the current landscape of DevOps in the Middle East, including market size, market value, DevOps recruitment trends and predictions for 2023. 

According to kbv research, the Middle East's telecom DevOps market is predicted to reach $11.3 billion (USD) by 2027 “rising at market growth of 22.3% CAGR”. The reason for this growth is simple, there is an increase in demand for faster software delivery and improved operational efficiency. And increasing number of telecoms businesses within the Middle East recognise the benefits of DevOps in enabling continuous integration, continuous delivery, and faster time-to-market. 

The benefits of using DevOp recruitment agencies 

First Point Group have been a DevOps recruitment agency in the Middle East for several years. We recruit all DevOps jobs in the Middle East, including DevOps Engineer, Senior DevOp Engineers and Principal DevOps Engineers, to name a few. Currently our clients are recruiting for many DevOps jobs in the Middle East, with some of them including:  

  • Cloud DevOps Engineer in Dubai with experience of developing and then implementing DevOps solutions with Kubernetes. 
  • DevOps Architect (Presales) to lead the Design and implementation of DevOps for Enterprise customers. Must have experience with Ansible and Jenkins. 
  • DevOps Resident Engineer in Dubai with experience of Assurance, OSS, Docker and Scripting.  
  • DevSecOps Engineer/ DevOps Security Engineer with experience of Perl/NodeJS, along with public cloud Security and DevOps tools. 
  • Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) to be responsible for the DevOps O&M on AWS platform.  

With the ever-evolving and revolutionizing cloud platforms, requirements for DevOps Engineers are on a high, both in-house and project-based. Where DevOps itself is a mix of development and operations, the clients these days are looking for all round DevOps Engineer who can not only design a DevOps solution but can also implement it end-to-end. DevOps consultants with experience of end-to-end implementation experience are highly sought after.  

The companies hiring DevOps recruitment agencies 

Major Technology and telecoms companies including vendors, Service providers and system integrators in the Middle East have been at the forefront of adopting DevOps practices, investing heavily in building agile development teams and leveraging automation tools. Additionally, global technology providers, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, have expanded their DevOps offerings to cater to the specific needs of telecom companies in the region. 

Predictions for DevOps and Software in the Middle East  

Expansion of CI/CD Pipelines: Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines are predicted to become more prevalent in telecom software development. Companies will invest in automating the build, testing, and deployment processes to accelerate software releases and ensure higher quality. 

Increased Adoption of Microservices Architecture: Telecom companies will continue to transition from monolithic architectures to microservices-based architectures. This shift enables greater scalability, flexibility, and easier maintenance of complex software systems. DevOps practices will play a crucial role in managing and orchestrating these distributed services. 

Emphasis on Security and Compliance: With the increasing number of cyber threats, telecom companies will prioritize security and compliance in their DevOps practices. Integrating security measures into the software development lifecycle and conducting regular vulnerability assessments will be essential to protect sensitive customer data and maintain regulatory compliance. 

Integration of AI and Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies will be integrated into DevOps processes to automate and optimize various aspects of software development and operations. AI-powered tools can help detect anomalies, improve testing efficiency, and enhance overall system performance. 

Telecom companies will continue to leverage DevOps principles, such as CI/CD pipelines, microservices architecture, and security integration, to deliver innovative, dependable, and secure services to their clients. As a specialist DevOps recruitment agency in Dubai, we look forward to helping them at every step in their journey. 

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