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Philip Jones

FPG Roaming Series: Democratic Republic of Congo

5 minutes

Taurai, one of our Zimbabwean contractors, has given us an insight into his move to The Demo...

By Philip Jones

Regional Director, Europe

Taurai, one of our Zimbabwean contractors, has given us an insight into his move to The Democratic Republic of Congo for his latest contract. Want to share your relocation story? Get in touch here.

Where are you working currently?

Republic of Congo

How would you describe your lifestyle where you are living and working? (e.g. food, culture, activities, weather conditions)

It has been slightly complicated as it is a French speaking country and I am English speaking. But due to the fact that I have been working outside my home country since 2006, it did not take me time to enjoy the environment. Working environment is wonderful as we stay in a nice company apartment where our offices are also located. Food is different but as with all Bantu people, we buy and cook if we do not want to eat from restaurants as we have full house equipment in apartments.

What has been the biggest challenge for you in the location you are living and working?

Prices of goods and flights are a lot more expensive than other countries in the region, making the cost of living a little high.

What has been the best thing about where you are?

I enjoy my work as much as play and meeting new friends speaking different languages. And also fishing from Congo River, one of the biggest rivers in the world. I am an explorer so I enjoy seeing new places around the world.

What advice would you give to anyone relocating to your location?

You will enjoy seeing the Congo River, also be prepared to come and add one more language in your language list. Its great to see different people who have similar cultures as you.

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