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Giulia Arca

France Salary Guide 2023

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We are delighted to present our 2023 Salary Guide & Market Report dedicated to France. W...

By Giulia Arca

Account Manager

We are delighted to present our 2023 Salary Guide & Market Report dedicated to France. With salary information for Sales, Pre-Sales & Senior Engineering, Project Management and Software Development roles. This guide uses information from our expert recruitment consultants who liaise with candidates and telecommunications organisations daily, to bring you real-time information and yearly salaries. This will help you benchmark average salaries for your workforce in France, or to help you understand what you should and could be earning. I hope you find this report a useful guide and should you have any questions, please contact Giulia Arca.

 to download our salary guide that shows the salaries for jobs in telecommunications and network technology. You can find below a few of the specialisms included in the guide.

The growth of 5G in France

France is leading the way in Europe with 5G deployments. As the four main operators continue to offer 5G to the mass market, it has been calculated that 22,000 base stations have been deployed. 5G has drastically multiplied the number of connected IoT devices and has been a driver for the French government to invest further and provide support for telecoms innovations. The French National Research Agency released a detailed update about the France 2030 program and how it has allocated €800 million to speed up the digital transformation of sectors using cloud, 5G and AI. This initiative aims to add 20,000 new jobs, assist the growth of the French 5G industry, and improve the ecosystem both domestically and abroad.

Rapid digitalisation brought on by the pandemic

A noticeable impact of Covid-19 on the telecoms sector was the switch of services provided by the four leading operators. Remote work has become a largely established rule across businesses and has driven the deployment of FFTH across the country, ensuring reliable connectivity meaning employers adapted to new ways of collaborating and conducting their business. The ecosystem is reliant on new organisations to offer products and services to the corporate sector, resulting in greater availability of Sales & Pre-Sales positions.

Telecoms companies to drive digital sustainability

Reducing the carbon footprint of the industry is a clear ambition for the French Telecom Federation. Cellular technology and IoT are just two examples of technologies that are essential to monitoring the current situation and ensuring a strategy is implemented. A recent update from DAMETIS highlights the measures taken by France to maintain the goal of a 40% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2030. This objective is to work toward a greener way of operating and will be at the core of many businesses in the industry over the coming years. This has created an increase in skilled professionals from the energy sector into the digital and telecoms space.

R&D centers to develop 5G, IoT and AI technologies

Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei opening R&D centers in France over the last few years, has resulted in an increase of telecoms professionals from across the world moving to and working in France. Orange Lab is at the cutting edge of the research and is deeply integrated into the ecosystem of startups, as well as encouraging collaborations to enhance further innovations. France continues to receive investments to develop new ideas driven by technology, which means telcos can focus on improving greater connectivity - a real focus for the sector.

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