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Adrianna Wronska

Growth Phase: Fiber Broadband in the US

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Broadband access is rapidly expanding throughout the United States. This growth is fuelled b...

By Adrianna Wronska

Senior Vice President

Broadband access is rapidly expanding throughout the United States. This growth is fuelled by the push to provide access to high-speed internet and home networking solutions to rural areas. Highspeed internet access is now a necessity for daily life and companies are competing to establish their position in the broadband market.

Broadband access can be defined as technology and services used to provide high-speed internet access to homes and businesses. The three main technologies used to provide broadband access are fiber-optic, cable, and digital subscriber line (DSL).




Cable Broadband
Cost-effective, reliable & easy to install
Slower Speeds
Fiber Broadband
Highest speeds and reliable
Most Expensive
Least expensive and easy to install

Current trends and hot jobs in broadband

According to a recent report by FMI, the global FTTx market is expected to reach $17.3b in the next decade, up from its current valuation of $10.2bn, with a CAGR of 5.4%.

What will drive this growth? The increasing demand for: high-speed broadband, more cloud-based services, more bandwidth to cope with new technologies, government desire for more areas to have access to good broadband, more working from home and the emergence of more smart cities.

The United States is expected to see a CAGR of 4.8% over the same period, third only to China and South Korea.

And this need for improved broadband is translating into hundreds of jobs currently being recruited for within broadband. A simple search on and LinkedIn for “Broadband Technician” or “Fiber Engineer” shows almost 300 jobs across the United States – and that just two job titles. 

First Point Group – Expert Broadband Recruitment Agency in Dallas

First Point Group is proud to support the broadband expansion throughout the US. Our specialism OSP/FTT(x) Recruitment team effectively identifies candidates with high-demand skills. Through our efforts, we’ve complied a national network of experienced:

  • OSP Construction Managers and Supervisors
  • OSP Program Mangers
  • OSP Administrative Support
  • OSP Design Engineers
  • Fiber Technicians & Splicers
  • FTT(H) Supervisors and Installers
  • Skilled Laborers: HDD Operators & Locators; Aerial Lineman; Underground Labor Support
  • VPs, Directors, and Executive Leadership

We understand the importance of the projects our clients are undertaking. Our candidates have direct impact on the vital infrastructure millions of people rely on to work, take classes, and connect with their families.

As the broadband access continues to grow, fiber broadband will become the market leader. Albeit more capitally intensive, fiber broadband provides the reliability needed as our society becomes more reliant on IoT technologies. Fiber expansion is a necessary step to quickly facilitate the technological transition that is already underway. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing how the broadband market and subsequently the broadband recruitment market develops in the coming years.

If you would like to know more about the broadband recruitment market in the US, feel free to contact me.

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