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Christopher Lamb

6G Impact on Telco Recruitment: China's Lead?

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60 second read: If China leads the way in 6G development, how will this affect telco recruit...

By Christopher Lamb

Regional Managing Director Asia

60 second read: If China leads the way in 6G development, how will this affect telco recruitment?

In September, Xu Zhiju, the rotating Chairman of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, said that 6G will be ready in just eight years’ time. With 5G being rolled out across most of the world, his statement suggests that Huawei (and by default, China) are playing the long game. Telecoms evolves all the time and with whisperings about the incredible potential that 6G will have on everyone’s day-to-day life, maybe Xu and Huawei are taking the smart approach by being the first to market. Ren Zhengfei, Huawei’s founder and CEO recently said “We aim to seize the ground of 6G patents…we must not wait until 6G becomes viable, as waiting would impose constraints on us due to a lack of patents.”

The race to get the best talent

Ren also told staff “To attract top-notch talent from the US, we should follow US compensation standards…our compensation packages must align with international talent markets, higher than those offered by local talent markets.” This desire to attract the best talent from the US and across the globe is trickling down to the candidates we speak with on a daily basis.

Chris Lamb, regional director of our APAC business commented that over the last few years we have seen many expats move to china and call it home, we expect this to continue over the coming years. How will organisations such as Nokia and Ericsson react? Time will tell but there is certainly a battle for the best telecoms talent in the world at the moment.

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