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5 reasons why we should embrace connected cars

Many people would argue to the very end that taking the driving out of the journey would eliminate the fun as well. For others, it would bring another level of comfort, eliminate stress and deliver a completely new experience. But, what could driverless and connected cars bring to roads worldwide?


Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud

Everything from traffic Alerts to downloading the latest music, Ericsson is already creating the ultimate driver experience. Whilst this is only the start of their capabilities within the cloud, Ericsson continue to open up new connections with business, safety and entertainment.

In theory, if we combine Google’s car & Ericsson’s cloud, this should make the ultimate driverless experience. We can only hope for an upcoming partnership.


Volkswagen’s Perfect Parking

Especially where spaces are hard to come by and people’s idea of parking correctly is in fact a disgrace to all. Parking assist is available in a lot of Volkswagen’s, Ford’s and many other car brands already which is great to see. The cars are fitted with ultrasonic sensors around the bumper that then scans the surrounding area to size up the space. If the space is big enough, the park assist function will steer and move to get into the space; similarly to cruise control, as soon as the driver accelerates or brakes, the parking assist function will stop.

It’s great to see there are cars already doing this, which means that parking takes less time and stress for most.

Job Opportunities

Think about how big the car industry is. Now think about how big the telecoms industry is. Combine the two and imagine how HUGE that would be!

Both industries have always had a wide variety teams and roles to make their products as amazing as they are, so, with the extent of detail of a driverless/connected car, this would be the start of a whole new era of engineers, sales people, designers and much more. With two industries in one, the crossover will evolve ‘hybrid’ sectors teams that will bring so much more to the Connected Car experience.

It is predicted that Connected and Autonomous cars will produce more than 320,000 jobs in the UK alone. Some of these jobs may include:


Automotive Program Manager

This role is to manage the delivery and precision of Connected Vehicle offerings as well as understand technical issues to be considered in scoping and managing the implementation of the project.

Automotive Solution Architect

Having an understanding of both the automotive and mobile industry, the solution architect would be responsible for pre-sales customer engagements by analysing and designing technical solutions within Connected Vehicles.

There will of course be engineering roles, program designers, marketers, project managers, sales and many more!



Human error will never be eliminated in driving, so unless we all become perfect super-humans, the driverless car will never sleep at the wheel, get road rage or break the rules.

Speeding is one of the main factors that causes accidents worldwide, and a large number of these being fatal. Going driverless could dramatically reduce this number.

The mobile age has changed the world dramatically, but, it has always been a burden among drivers despite how much safer cars have become. Drivers are still prone to replying to a text, taking a call and even updating their Twitter whilst behind the wheel, even if it pays a hefty price. Going driverless means that phones are in full use and guilt free.



When you see what Mercedes have up their sleeve, you will only wish that this happens sooner. Despite what we can all imagine to be a hefty price tag, Mercedes will have your mouth watering for this sociable batman-esque “F 015” Driverless Car.

For many years, cars have just been a mode of transport, but now it’s considered to be more of an experience. With the evolution of connected cars still to come, we should expect the unexpected and embrace changes like we’ve never seen before.

With driverless cars in full swing by 2025 and many other predictions, there are a lot of opportunities for all along the way. Surely, if it works on a commercial level, people will have the option to drive, or sit back and let the car take you on your way. In a world where technology is right in our hands, would it be so wrong to let it take the wheel? If we can do it right, then driverless cars could be a great addition for the great future ahead.