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Top 15 Sought After Skills in Cyber Security

Cyber talent is already in high demand with well-publicized shortages. With GDPR almost 12 months away GDP, the fight for the best Cyber talent will be harder than ever.

If you are looking to hire these professionals, plan early and recognize that your target audience is in high demand, and that recruitment timeframes and budgets may need to be adjusted.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 most sought after professions in Cyber security:

  1. Application Security Developer
  2. Info Security (GRC)
  3. Cloud Security Architect
  4. Risk Manager
  5. Penetration Tester
  6. Intrusion Detector
  7. Security Software Development
  8. Risk Mitigation Specialist
  9. Data & Security Analyst
  10. Vulnerability Manager
  11. SOC Operations
  12. Blockchain Data Developer
  13. SOC Operations
  14. Chief Information Security Officer
  15. Security Engineer

If you’re one of the above and looking for a career move, speak to us as we have multiple clients looking for your skills.

If you need to hire one of the above, please do speak to us for assistance with access the best Cyber talent via our specialist Cyber Division. Our Cyber security recruitment team have successfully filled 95% of job vacancies received using our network of security professionals across the UK and the world.

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