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Broadcast Technology is no longer about delivering a signal to carry programmes to the television in our front rooms, it’s become a strategised, personalised multi-platform experience. How we live our lives in the 21st century has impacted the emerging technologies within the TV, film & telecoms industry to push all involved to serve consumers with on demand, high quality entertainment, where ever it is required. We are no longer prisoners of our homes, we catch up on our favourite shows across a multitude of phones, tablets and hand held media devices, delivered across a plethora of fixed and mobile networks.

My first experience with The Media Production Show did nothing but confirm how important technology is to the Broadcast & Production industry. The FPG team were welcomed by over 160 industry exhibiters proving that the broadcast sector is stronger than ever and embarking on a cycle of technological change to meet customer’s insatiable demand for content and programming.

With drones flying around the auditorium, post-production editing and all kinds of creative initiatives going on, I explored the stalls to find that 4K is merely a ‘stepping stone’ to 8K and that post-production hardware can reduce editing time by 40%.

As the Technology resource experts in Telecoms & Broadcast Media, it was interesting to see the correlation between creating intricate, challenging content and the journey it takes to become a live broadcast to our mobile phones and tablets. It reinforced our view that the technology that goes into our mobile and fixed networks, as well as our hand held devices is having a massive impact in shaping the future of Broadcast Technology.

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