Thomas Childs Account Manager london Office


  • Cyber Security
  • Information Security
  • European Cyber Security Market
  • Permanent Hiring

Since beginning my recruitment journey in 2017, I have jumped into the challenge of understanding the Cyber Security market, which led me to choose my niche within the Identity & Access Management space.

In such a little amount of time I have learned an incredible amount, and now have a great amount of knowledge from both a business and technical perspective.

Finding my Niche in Identity & Access Management

The past few years has allowed me to build up my network within my niche cyber area, and identify business problems around IAM and be a key figure in building large capabilities to fend off and mitigate from ever-evolving Cyber threats.

I have always been a very motivated individual, coming from my very strong family relationships. My key drivers is having the ability to give back to my family in a way they have never experienced.

Don’t hold it against me but I am an Arsenal fan, attending matches with family and friends when possible, I also enjoy going out for food and the occasional drink, along with gaming in my downtime. I also enjoy travelling to different parts of the world. 

Example Placements

  • Identity & Access Management