Graham Packer General Manager dubai Officeriyadh Office


  • Contract / Permanent Recruitment
  • Account Management & Business Development
  • Company licensing requirements
  • Establishing and Developing Sales and Support teams

Graham has over 17 years’ experience working within the Telecommunication Recruitment Industry.

Graham has lived and worked for Telecommunication Recruitment companies in both the UK and the Middle East, starting in the UK in 1998 as Account Manager, moving to Saudi Arabia in 2003 as Consultancy Manager, and then to Dubai in 2006. He joined First Point Group in 2008 as General Manager to establish and develop our Dubai office.

Graham has worked with the World’s leading Telecom Vendors and Operators across all Continents, and has placed candidates from all levels of the Telecom Industry, from Installation Engineers through to Senior Project Directors

As General Manager for our Middle East operation since 2008, Graham has considerable experience with Middle Eastern culture and traditions, and with working within the various Government Departments necessary to establish a working presence in the Middle East.

Example Placements

  • Project Director / Regional Project Director
  • Customer Project Manager
  • Site Acquisition Specialist
  • Civil Works Supervisors
  • Commissioning and Integration Engineers (Core / Access / Transmission)
  • Drive Test Engineer and Teams (incl. Vehicle and Driver)
  • RF Planning and Optimisation (2G, 3G, LTE)
  • Solution Architect


In reality you can work with many companies ,but you can’t find such employees, and attitude unless you have nice and remarkable persons. I never thought that I would have to write down this email, but this how life is going on , as it’s my last working days with you is 31-Dec-2014 ,I would like to take this time out to thanks you for all help, support ,professionalism ,Honesty ,integrity, concern and fantastic communication that you have provided , you have impressed me form the first day that I have deal with you till the last moment ,it is really fantastic I do appreciate your generosity. All the things that I have left to all of you is my footprints on the sands of time, to know there was something that I have left behind, I wish to work with you again somewhere, sometime, it was pleasure to me to work with you ,and I say it to all peoples around me ,because you guys are remarkable. Thanks to all of you very much for everything and I wish you all the best.