Eliza Marie Apuada Senior Account Executive paris Office


  • Huawei
  • RAN
  • Ericsson
  • Europe

Using My Language Skills for International Telecoms Recruitment

I have been working in recruitment since 2018. I began my recruitment career in the Language Industry where I recruited for language ambassadors for different services. Now with First Point Group in the telecoms industry, I enjoy using my language skills to hire telecoms professionals for our international clients.

Working as an Account Executive in the Paris office, my role is predominantly focused on searching for the top engineers for a variety of telecoms projects. The jobs I fill are mostly located in Europe & Africa, but I have worked the Asian market too.

Getting to know my Highly-Skilled Telecoms Candidates

It’s important to me to make a living by doing what you love. For me, I like working in the communications industry and learning new things about technology and getting to know my highly-skilled, technical candidates.

I love to plan the years ahead of me with adventure and travel and I am in love with arts and crafts, mainly with shadow box frames. I also love spending time with my family; especially at a Sunday barbecue!