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Take a break? You really need to!

It’s the summer holiday season and having just returned from my 2 weeks off, it reminded me of the genuine importance of taking a break from work.

I work in recruitment which is always busy, always something happening, always fast, always urgent; a new client, a new requirement, a new RFI or tender. It doesn’t matter if your role is a Candidate Recruiter, an Account Manager, a Finance Team Member, Director or in Operational Support – it’s always go, go, go.

Add in the fact that technology connects us everywhere, social media, long commutes, hotter London days and a huge demand on our free time; life is fast paced and time is a precious commodity.

When I left for my break I genuinely needed it. I had been working exceptionally hard: international trips, early starts and late finishes, and it was starting to take its toll… I was knackered.

For the first time in 20 odd years of working, I went away on vacation and never once looked at my emails. I am lucky I have a fantastic No 2 and a great business partner, but even so, I was always previously still a bit switched on and still checking mails and making calls. But for 2 weeks I didn’t look once, I just had fun with my family, spent a lot of time in the pool with the kids, ate and drank too much – I switched myself off.

It did the trick… I feel refreshed, ready to go again.

Interestingly we give our team members an extra 1 month vacation as a sabbatical every 4th year they are with us, and my holiday has reminded me again of the importance of keeping this benefit – I tell everyone to go sit on a beach during it and recharge, and for once I actually took my own advice!

So, in short: take breaks. However big or small, switching off and refreshing the mind are not luxuries, they are a necessity. You don’t necessarily have to go away on beach vacations, but do turn that email off for the weekend and do give yourself a break. You will be better for it and I believe more productive when you’re back.