Partnership with BP Target Neutral

We take part in the BP Target Neutral initiative. This involved taking part in their carbon offsetting programme of Reduce, Replace, Neutralise. We have reduced our carbon footprint as much as possible and any unavoidable emissions have been offset.

Our partnership with BP Target Neutral helps our FPG’s corporate social responsibility in the following ways:

Reduce – we have identified areas where we can achieve efficiencies that cut our carbon emissions

Replace – we have implemented processes, products and services for which lower carbon alternatives can be sourced

Neutralise – once we have reduced and replaced as much of our carbon footprint as possible, BP Target Neutral then helps us to calculate the remaining footprint that is necessary to keep the business running smoothly.

This amount of carbon is then offset, effectively removing, or preventing, the release of an equivalent amount of CO2, from the atmosphere.

Not only does this help the environment directly, but it funds investment in sustainable alternative technologies, often in the areas which are likely to be affected first and most harshly by global warming. Here are some of the projects we help fund:

·         Turkey
·         China
·         Brazil
·         India
·         Zambia