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My Sabbatical: Kloe Hunt

I spent my sabbatical working on a personal project of mine: writing my first work of fiction. The additional annual leave allowed me to focus on crafting, writing and editing my work in progress and achieve something I have always wanted to do.

Working full time can burn you out, as I’m sure we can all relate to, but for me, working in marketing has inspired me to practice one of my favourite skills. Seventy-seven thousand words later, and I feel like my attention to detail and vocabulary have expanded beyond belief. Writing is something I’m passionate about, so it was an easy decision to focus on that.

Having the extra time off throughout the year to turn my attention elsewhere was refreshing. I had never heard of companies giving an additional twenty days annual leave after three years of service, it seems like quite a big reward for loyalty, and when the break from FPG was complete, I was ready to move forward and work harder than before. I would say the quality of my work has improved and it also gave me the last push I needed to get promoted from Marketing Executive to Marketing Manager.