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Job Details

Technology Risk And Compliance Analyst

  • Negotiable
  • South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town
  • Permanent
  • Software & DevOps

Role: Technology Risk and Compliance Analyst

Location: Cape Town

Our is looking for a Tech-Savvy Guardian of Security and Compliance!

Are you ready to be at the forefront of safeguarding our technological landscape? As a Technology Risk & Compliance Analyst, you'll be the vigilant eye that ensures our digital realm remains resilient and compliant. Collaborating with the Technology Risk & Compliance Manager, you'll play a pivotal role in timely risk identification and assessment, fortifying our defenses against threats.

Your Role's Canvas:

Global Vigilance, Local Impact: With a global perspective, you'll engage in a realm where geographical boundaries are transcended, shaping security risk and compliance strategies that resonate worldwide.

Metrics of Success: Measure your impact through key performance indicators: tracking technology risk assessments, capturing and addressing risks, and nurturing touchpoints with tech and business stakeholders.

Risk Mitigation Symphony: Delve into a world of low-to-moderate complexity, skillfully tracking security risks' mitigation while interacting with stakeholders, both internally within security and across the expansive landscape of legal risk and compliance.

Connections that Empower:

The Inner Circle: Collaborate with the elite - our CISO, CIO, and Group CISO GRC teams - to fuel the synergy of expertise in your mission.

Legal & Beyond: Engage with our Group Legal team, including the DPO, and liaise with regulators, bridging the realms of compliance and security.

Your Profile:

Certifications as Your Badge: Showcase your prowess with CRISC, CISA, or CISSP certifications, proving your mastery in security standards.

Nurturing a Risk Mindset: Your experience in security risk management, compliance, and audits will be your toolkit for success.

Tech Risks in a Business Context: Translating technical risks into tangible business impacts is your superpower.

Navigating Global Waters: Navigate with ease within a global organization, preferably in manufacturing or security risk and compliance, and collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders across hierarchies.

The GDPR Path: Your 1-2 years' experience in GDPR compliance sets you on the right track.

Degrees of Expertise: If formal education isn't your forte, your expertise in the IT domain, spanning tech risk modeling, penetration reports, production systems, and IT risk modeling, is your asset.

Empowering Competencies:

Designing Resilient Fortresses: Engineer and execute internal controls that ensure technological resilience.

Mastery of Risk Fundamentals: Possess a strong grasp of technology risk management principles, processes, and frameworks.

The Art of Communication: Skillfully convey technology risks to stakeholders, regardless of seniority, using plain business language.

Analyst's Lens: Armed with sharp analytical skills, you'll spot risks proactively and drive impactful remediation.

Cybersecurity Multiverse: Your understanding of cybersecurity domains, from data protection to identity and access management, equips you to identify risks across these landscapes.

Elevate your career with us and become an instrumental guardian in shaping our digital security and compliance landscape. Your expertise will be the shield that safeguards our technological realms and propels us towards a secure digital future.

Mubin Patel Account Manager
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