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Job Details

Data Centre Technician

  • Negotiable
  • United Kingdom, London, United Kingdom London
  • Contract
  • Transport, Optical & IP Networks

First Point Group are looking to hire three Telecoms PoP Site Technicians to join our customer project, a well known global company.

We are looking to engage a customer facing technician who can be flexible in their carrying out a range of site tasks.


Description. Contractor shall support installation (install, power up, and wiring) and/or decommissioning of network equipment and Remote Hands & Eyes Support at Project and Metro PoPs (“PoP”)


Support installation and decommissioning of cabinets and network equipment.

Contractor shall also provide Smart Hands services for planned activities as directed by customer.

POP Technician shall have experience of standard cabling technologies, installation and rack infrastructure and good knowledge and understanding of industry best practices for performing Smart Hands.

Installation, Cabling, and Wiring – General scope of work

Contractor will furnish if needed and ground equipment and associated framework, per applicable grounding standards.

Contractor will furnish (if specified) and run and cables needed to complete, including:

Power cables to fuse panel and fuse position

Fiber/Ethernet cables to the bay, panel, and jack position.

Interface cable(s) to the assigned customer-provided equipment and correct bay/panel/jack position.

Console cables to DCN network router

Alarm cables to the assigned vertical and block of the alarm-receiving device.

Timing cables to the assigned timing sources.

Contractor will clean and inspect all fibre used and will label equipment and cables with aisle, shelf, and unit designations as outlined in customer standard documentation.

Smart Hands – responsibilities

Visually inspecting devices to assess equipment status.

Rebooting routers, servers, storage devices or other equipment.

Providing loop-back cables in order to test circuits remotely.

Re-seating or replacing components or cables.

Removing Alternating Current (“AC”) or Direct Current (“DC”) power from equipment.

Cleaning equipment or connectors.

Connecting an Project provided test set or test router to equipment.

Swapping removable storage media.

Installing or replace modular equipment components.

Adding, removing or verifying a demarcation.

Dispatching equipment for repair.

Cleaning fibres.

Taking light levels.

Providing planned maintenance or circuit migration support.

Installing Small Form Factor Pluggables (“SFP”) or Gigabit Interface Converters ( “GBIC”).

Troubleshooting hardware problems on any device.

Racking and de-racking of any device installed.

Labelling/inventory equipment plus digital picture and serial number recording.

Tape backup: cassette exchange and storage in strongbox.

Power cycling a router, server, switch and soft-booting a server.

POP Housekeeping

Contractor will provide a final redlined as built copy of the site install package (EDP) to customer.

Contractor will complete quality inspection on final work performed at each network site.

Contractor will submit final installation Photos.

Contractor will perform and record all tests as identified by customer

Contractor will maintain POP in a clean and tidy state at all times

Additional Services Additional services may include (but not be limited to):

Cage builds and equipment installation according to an engineering design plan provided by customer.

Rack builds, racking and stacking of equipment according to site elevation diagrams provided by Project.

Cabling and labelling according to cabling diagrams provided by project.

Copper cabling installation and testing

Multimode fibre optic cable installation and testing

Single mode fibre optic cable installation and testing

Circuit audits (trace end-to-end or observe run based on label).

Circuit migrations (moving cables to another patch panel port or equipment port) based on a migration plan provided by Project.

Equipment transfers between Service Locations as directed by project.

Count cables, optics and other types of equipment.

Insert line cards and/or optics and identify different types of line cards and optics based on description or pictures provided by project.

Cage and room observations and inspections.

Cleaning of cage and rack enclosures.

Test Requirements, including test equipment requirements, will be agreed between the parties in writing prior commencing of any testing.

All cable runs to be verified and tested to meet specified range of signal strength (dependent on media type), defined by project, before or during deployment. Cabling standards of acceptance shall follow Project directed guidelines on best practice for serviceability and risk mitigation. Specifics will be disclosed to Contractor POP Technician upon arrival on-site due to unique challenges presented at each Location.

Contractor will complete all identified testing documentation, quality checklists covering the handoff of all deliverables and signifying the completion of the Service.


Contractor shall, when required by Project, provide pre- and post-installation surveys for all installations.

Contractor will be responsible to resolve any findings from post-installation survey at Project's discretion.

Receiving and Handling

When required by Project, POP Technician shall be responsible for receiving, unloading, and handling Project furnished equipment at specified Location.

Upon receipt, Contractor shall review any packing slip provided with the shipment to confirm items listed correspond to goods received. Contractor shall report any damage and discrepancies found during receipt to Project within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt.


POP Technician will supply set of hand tools to complete the assigned Services. If other tools should be required to perform Services at any Location, Project will make these tools available for Contractor to use. Contractor shall seek information and confirmation from Project if such tools should be needed and exist before travel starts to any Location.

POP Technicians will use own laptop and smartphone while performing Services. Cable Technicians shall use Facebook Messenger to communicate while performing work designated by Project.

All communication shall be in English.

Contractor shall provide a vehicle for transport of necessary tools and equipment


Contractor shall perform equipment installation at new POP locations in accordance with Project's “POP Standards Guide,” including but not limited to:

Installation of devices

Installation of copper & fibre patch leads

Installation of power leads

Labelling of all installed cabling

Cleaning of fibre optic connectors

Philip Jones Regional Director Europe
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