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Job Details

Project Manager

  • Negotiable
  • South Africa, Johannesburg , South Africa Johannesburg
  • Contract
  • Telecommunications , Wireless Network Infrastructure

Job Title: Project Manager ( FTK Project )

Language : English

Location: South Africa (Johannesburg)

A) Takes charge of engineering management.

B) Formulates and optimizes the comprehensive site delivery solution and site delivery SOP process.

C) Formulates the engineering progress baseline plan and acceptance plan in accordance with the project objectives, and assists the plan control manager in integrating the project plans.

D) Supervises and manages the engineering team (including subcontractors) to ensure that the engineering construction quality meets the contract acceptance requirements in strict compliance with engineering processes and regulations during the engineering construction, and takes the lead in outputting engineering execution documents and promoting site acceptance.

E) Develops rolling engineering plans, analyzes engineering progress GAP, and handles major engineering delivery problems.

F) Manages the engineering delivery scope and records extra workload.

G) need the experience of wireless?FTTS?microwave and so on.

Frank Khotso Account Manager
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