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Job Details

Developer -Intranet & Workflow

  • Negotiable
  • South Africa, Cape Town
  • Permanent
Role: Developer -Intranet & Workflow
Location Cape Town On-Site
Salary R65 000 + benefits

?? Shape Tomorrow as a Developer - Intranet & Workflow! ??

Are you an accomplished developer seeking a pivotal role in shaping technical solutions for dynamic business requirements? Join an innovative team as a Developer for Intranet & Workflow, where you'll take charge of developing and delivering cutting-edge solutions in collaboration with Business Analysts and functional stakeholders.

Why This Role:

Impactful Contributions: You will be the driving force behind developing technical solutions aligned with business needs, ensuring seamless workflow automation.
Innovative Environment: Work on industry-standard automation platforms and stay at the forefront of technology advancements.
Global Exposure: Collaborate with international teams and expand your expertise across diverse automation vendors.

Key Responsibilities:

Innovative Development:

Plan, develop, test, and deploy automation features, leveraging your expertise in industry-standard automation platforms.
Comply with established design guidelines and best practices for a seamless and efficient solution.

Agile Collaboration:

Contribute actively to sprint planning and task assignment, ensuring a collaborative and efficient development process.
Review and uphold the quality standards of solution design and other team deliverables.

Strategic Accountability:

Report progress transparently and be accountable for defining future state technical solutions and process implementations across in-scope business functions


Certifications and Expertise:

Hold certification as an advanced developer in one or more industry-standard automation platforms.
Demonstrate professional experience in developments on PowerPlatform, PowerApps, and PowerAutomate.

Programming Proficiency:

Showcase professional experience in C#, JavaScript, XML, SQL, and JSON.
Possess a good understanding of DevOps CI/CD pipelines.

Automation Vendors:

Bring experience working with one or more of the following automation vendors: ABBYY, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, NICE, UiPath, WorkFusion, AWS, Azure.

Technical Mastery:

Demonstrate a very good understanding of object-oriented programming and design patterns.
Display proficiency in component reusability.

Technological Insights:

Exhibit knowledge of operating systems, including Linux and Windows.
Showcase a good understanding of SOAP & Rest.

Testing and Certifications:

Possess a good understanding of testing methodologies.
Certifications in Six Sigma, Lean, or Agile are desirable.

Desirable Expertise:

Experience developing using Python, R, C-sharp, and SQL is desirable.
Working proficiency in English is required, and knowledge of German is desired.


Workflow Logic Expertise: Understand workflow-based logic and translate business processes into efficient automated solutions.
Effective Communication: Articulate technical details effectively to both technical and non-technical audiences.
Problem-Solving Aptitude: Demonstrate an aptitude for logical problem-solving and efficiently trace errors to their source.
Process Decomposition: Understand practical methods for decomposing complex processes into reusable elements and reassembling them into streamlined process flows.

If you're ready to pioneer transformative solutions and leave your mark on the future of automation, apply now! Join us in pushing the boundaries of technological innovation
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