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Is the Mobile Tech Bubble about to Burst?

People from the industry all round the world gathered in Barcelona last week for the Mobile World Congress 2015. Seeing over 93,000 attendees from over 200 countries, the conference featured the biggest players in the market covering topics from gaming, health and even the mobile ecosystem.

Topics were highlighted such as apps, Cloud, Green Technology, Mobile Money and Wearables plus what the future holds for such technologies. Having the chance to see first-hand, attendees could appreciate how mobile-connected products will continue to transform our personal and working lives via the ‘Connected Living’ innovations.

While attendees had the luxury indulging into a wealth of knowledge offered by over 30 industry partners, they also contributed elements of interaction and entertainment to boast the presence of their brand and product. Cisco sponsored a graffiti wall in the Artist’s ‘Rambla Networking Garden’ which saw the growth of the design day after day. People were also able to purchase a discounted vivosmart or vivofit to track their steps throughout the days, taking part in the Garmin Healthband Challenge. It was certainly a good ‘show’.

The question is, what’s next?

Have we finally hit or wall or are we going to see bigger, better things next year? It seems as though there are quite a few predictions but there’s a big difference between a prediction and what will actually come to fruition and become part of our daily lives.

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