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First Point Sets the Pace for Oxfam

Following the launch of First Point Group’s partnership with charity, Oxfam, the brave staff of the Dallas office have entered themselves into the Dallas half marathon on 20th March in the name of this worthy cause.

13 miles would be challenging enough for most runners, but these courageous souls are not runners, or at least they weren’t before they entered themselves into this marathon! Endurance and competitive spirit lies within all good recruiters so we have every faith that each individual will make it across the finish line.

Adrianna Wronska, SVP of the Dallas office, is leading by example and will be running right alongside the other members of her team;

“Running a half marathon is one of the most challenging and rewarding events that anyone will experience, more rewarding if you run for good cause. Here at FPG Dallas we decided to challenge ourselves for a cause that is close to our organisation which is why we are raising money for Oxfam.

This will be huge team achievement. None of us are runners so this means we have to put our all into making it across that finish line after completing 13 miles.

We want to raise as much money as we can, at the end of the day every dollar counts towards improving someone’s life.”

Any donations to this worthwhile cause will really help motivate the team to push themselves across the finish line. You can donate by clicking this link.