Approved Resource Provider to Ericsson Region Sub Saharan Africa

First Point Group, is an Approved Resource Provider to Ericsson Region Sub Saharan Africa (RSSA) and we have assisted Ericsson greatly in 2014 with its long term goal of localising recruitment in Democratic Republic of Congo and, as a result, driving down costs.

We assisted in developing Ericsson’s workforce in DRC, moving from high cost ex-patriates to employing locally, which not only drove down recruitment costs but also provided better local market/ language knowledge for our client, and we continue to expand coverage assisting development in some of the poorest parts of the country.

“Jason Duloquin, our FPG Account Manager has been fantastic in supporting us in Africa, especially in the French speaking African countries.

He is always professional in what is a truly challenging location and his problem solving attitude and skills have been excellent. He has maintained very good level of contractor care, his experience and ability to quickly understand the complex business of recruiting in Africa has been an advantage to us.

We appreciate that FPG focus only on Telecoms, FPG Account Managers’ accessibility and willingness to assist in more challenging locations such as DRC, means we hope to maintain our business partnership with them in the future.”

Anastasiya Nikolayenko, Head of Resource Management Ericsson RSSA