Career Stories at First Point Group

We are proud of the variety of paths people can take with their careers and the opportunities we offer to help them grow more. We offer training and programs to help allow people to reach their full potential. Take a look at some of our career journeys.

Rachel Mou, Divisional Director in Shenzhen

My Career Journey

I have been at First Point Group for almost 10 years now. I started from scratch as an Account Executive and worked my way up to Divisional Director. First Point Group provided me the platform to grow and learn and to never fear mistakes as I will always learn from them and in the end, come out with greater knowledge and sharp skills.

Alina Micliuc, Interim Finance Front Office Manager in London

My Career Journey

First Point Group has helped me evolve by trusting me to take over my superiors responsibilities and duties whilst she is on Maternity leave. This has helped me build my confidence by managing a team and tackling new challenges.

Max Murrock, Account Manager in London

My Career Journey

I have been with First Point Group for 4 years now and have grown within my roles rapidly. I started as an Account Executive with no prior recruitment experience. I was provided training from my superiors and progressed my way into Senior Account Executive. I have now reached the Senior Account Management level and am now managing accounts across the UK. 

Chris Lamb, Regional Managing Director in Asia

My Career Journey

 I have learned a lot of sales, managerial and business skills from them and other colleagues in my 15 years here. Shortly after I joined, I realised FPG works in a market with excellent opportunities, and FPG provided a great platform to access these opportunities. I have always enjoyed working with different departments like support and finance and have formed some fantastic friendships in FPG.

Why I Love First Point Group

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Life at First Point Group

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Life at First Point Group

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